IWe had a giant, mind-blowing shift at work recently. So everyone is walking on eggshells, yours truly included. My job is suddenly weird and uncomfortable and everyone is crawling around in a cloud of misery. 

 I'd planned to pen a little post yesterday on my lunch break (like I am today), but I set my phone down in a different spot as I was leaving for work and promptly forgot all about it. Which sucked, because when I got home, I had twelve missed calls from a strange local number and a handful of texts saying that this person had found my dogs. Bitches. They were home when I got there. 

So. Pony. 

C had left up a little grid (set too high for my lady nads) of a one stride to a bounce to a one stride. I'm sure most of y'all have seen our feeble attempts at the bounce on IG. I can't complain at his lack of oomph. A) small fences and B) no rider encouragement. I will say that, even though the cross rails were tiny, the exercise was terrifying. Which probably means that I need to do it about eighteen more times. 

Dem knees! That's a pro right there. 

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