Transformation ...Thursday.

In which I turn $18 and a million hours of my life that I'll never get back into a saddle pad and half-pad cover.

The smallest sewing machine that could.
Sewing on the finishing ribbon, because progressive photos would make too much sense.
(The inclusion of my husband's feet and socks are free of charge.  You're welcome.)
Purchased:  ribbon, black fleece, teal-ish chevron fabric, white thread and quilting fluff stuff.

Not made for my dressage saddle, it was just super handy.  And dirty.
Fun things:  
  • While I didn't break any needles this time, I think my sewing machine is well on its way to committing suicide.  I can't say I blame it.
  • I had all intentions of doing a perimeter stitch (or whatever it's called) around the half-pad cover to give it a more finished look.  Alas, the damn thing was already too tight.
  • I for-reals added a wither relief to the pad and it almost made me scrap the whole damn thing.
  • I can't figure out how to keep the opening for the half-pad from gaping when it's actually in position.  I accept wiser peoples' suggestions.  Velcro?
  • I could never get my tension just right, so even though I used white thread on the topside, there are tiny little black dots from the black thread on the bottom side.  Don't even care.
  • More photos of this latest master piece will be coming on Friday or Saturday, when I hopefully get to see my still-barefoot beast.

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  1. initially from the first picture I thought you were sewing leg quilts and was like OMG that's genius! Then my dreams were squashed.

    1. Leg quilts...... like pillow wraps? OH MY GOD THAT IS GENIUS. I actually already made some previously, but they ain't pretty.

  2. Whoa....that is so cool! I'm in awe!

  3. I LOVE this! Love all the chevron!!!! You're so crafty :)

  4. Velcro for sure, even Ogilvy uses it (not voodoo magic as previously believed.)

  5. Wow! Impressive work! I second the suggestion of velcro, it can fix just about anything :)

  6. Voodoo magic… AKA velcro ;)

    Also you are crafty and it makes me hate/love you (jelly times). ;)

  7. You and my mom should have an equine crafty blog together. I suck at shit like that!

  8. awesome crafting skills - can't wait to see the pad in action! it kinda makes me sad tho since i killed my sewing machine - the one my grandmother had bought in belgium in the 70s that had kept right on trucking until i tried to stitch up some denim on the wrong settings... boooo