Birthday Jump Jumps.

After sweating my poor pony to death with Koby, I untacked and hosed him off.  He was stuck in a stall with an overhead fan, a water bucket and some hay, while the hubs and I headed out to find some Mexican.

When we came back, I had a screaming pony who'd eaten all his hay and downed about half the bucket.

I went down to the jump ring and started lowering fences and taking off decorations.  Then I dressed my poor pony back up and dragged him down there again.  He'd had about two hours off after the dressage lesson and was plenty spry again.

Blurry, but I wanted to show that I still had what Koby taught.
He didn't really stop - just perfect camera timing!

I like this because I look like I know sort of what I'm doing.


Moose is so majestic.

"Mom, I can walk over this!"
Still working!
Okay... maybe not on contact.  But on forward!

We trotted over the two crossrails that I'd set up a couple times in both directions and then trotted over everything else.  Finally, I asked the hubs to set one jump up a little higher and did a little three-jump course of a cross rail, an 18" vertical and finally cantered into a 2'3" with filler.  I think the facial expressions between Archie and I really.. tell the story.  The bottom line:  Archie wants to jump bigger, I think.

After another bath and loading all my crap back in my car, TE opened the back of her trailer up super wide (on the way there, only one door had been opened and the tack section had been left closed).  Per her suggestion, I walked him in large loops over the ramp, giving him periodic opportunities to look in the trailer.  Finally, fat guy just climbed in, no big deal.  I don't know where his trailer issues came from.  It's a new thing.  I told D that I want to seriously start looking into getting a trailer of my own - two horse slant load bumper pull with a step up and the little stock-like slats on the side.

Hauled home, fed and linimented the Dude all over and finally turned him out.  It was a great birthday.

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  1. Archie says 'wheeeee" over the bigger jumps! You two look great! What a way to spend a birthday :)

  2. What a great birthday! Archie wants more!

  3. Most definitely bigger fence time, also love the ombre red/orange jump

  4. Woohoo, you guys are killing it. What an awesome way to spend your birthday! I hope mine can be 1/4 as good on Sunday!

  5. I really hope Simon is in as good as condition as Archie when he's Archie's age. He looks so cute over the bigger jump!

  6. Archie's expression is super adorable over the 2'3" jump!

  7. aww he looks so happy over those fences! hope you enjoyed it too :)

  8. Yayyyy! So happy for y'all -- you both look great! Also, I LOVE my stock sides on my trailer (OMG, I'm a horrific vehicle/vehicle-related thingies geek, feel free to drop a line if you have any questions), I'm totally a ventilation nazi & horses love the air & view!


  9. What fun! You two are a really great team.