Feeling It

I took a half day off of work today. The hubs met me downtown, watched me choke down a sour beer, fed me Thai and took me to get my hair done. I've historically been a Great Clips sorta girl. Actually, let's be honest: I've been a kitchen stool sorta girl. Thanks, Mom. 

So it was absolutely fabulous to spend an hour being pampered and getting a hair cut that doesn't look like shit. 

Afterwards, I caught up with my inside source for the potential new job. I'm super hopeful, but if you never hear me mention it again, it's because I got those silly hopes crushed. 

And then it was barn time! Archie and I had a nice ride in the big pasture, complete with me telling him to get over himself and give me more. I got it. Love this guy. Eventually, I'll do a post-clinic assessment of whether our MPH reflects us really inching forward faster than molasses. 

For now, here's my little turtle, covertly getting closer as his sweat dries. 
Tomorrow, D and I are driving down to Jax to watch UGA whoop Florida. Yes, there will be a tack store!

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  1. Keeping everything crossed for the interview & game. Happy tack shopping & I ♡ the new do.
    As always love all the turquoise

  2. Have fun sounds like a great half day!

  3. hair cut looks great! and glad archie was a good boy :)