Saturday Shows

Last weekend, I ran into OR while she was on a hot date. We talked about the SAE show that was today. Neither of us felt particularly ready and the whole I-have-no-trailer thing. So, she brought up volunteering and I thought it was a great idea. 

She ended up not being able to attend, but C and I made the trek to the Eventer's new barn. We set up the judge's stand, decorated some jumps and I half-assedly was the ring steward. Then C took over my ring steward duties and I helped raise fences while also trying to take photos. I haven't gone through them yet, but I'm super excited to see what I was able to capture. 

This guy freaked me the fuck out, but he hung in that area for the solid hour drive. 

Overexposed palomino dressage star supervised me. 
After the competition part of the show was over, the dressage judge gave a brief tutorial over what they looked for, the difference between regular dressage tests and eventing dressage tests, and then she explained what a prelim riding was doing in a demonstration. 

After the prelim rider did dressage, she ran through some monster scary fences. Eek. Hi, crossrails?

Ps. If you haven't already and it isn't yet Sunday, check out my last post for a little giveaway. 

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  1. At least it wasn't a spider tagging along in that location! I love volunteering at shows, can be as fun as riding sometimes