1 Rep Max

Hubs and I were lifting together the other Sunday, like we do almost every Sunday, and I was inspired.  Or goaded.  Anyways, I asked him to give me a spot on the squat rack because I was attempting to increase my previous one-rep max.  He looked at me, looked at the 235 pounds, looked at me, and we both loaded more weight on.

And this is how I kinda-sorta-almost squatted 275 pounds.

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Where did this leave me?

Making a decision about riding because I really, really fucked up my knees.

Our ponykins stumble and we bute them and give them a week off, while watching doggedly for any little gait indiscretion.  But I cannot count the number of stories I've heard about riders ignoring their own injuries and mounting up, only to perform half-assedly or in pain.

As I hobbled around this week, I thought about a lecture I sat through at the University of Georgia.  Total fail on my end, because I only typed up a couple of the sessions.  Anyways, one of the questions was:  which comes first, the lameness or the lesion?  The thought being that if one perpetuates a faulty gait, they cause injuries which continue the need for the faulty gait.  Sorta... walk long enough with a swagger and you'll always have that swagger.

The moral of this story is:  why get on your horse when you aren't fully functional?  When you're injured and you ask your body to perform, it compensates in other ways.  When I rode with a broken butt bone, I rode crooked.  Guess what... I still ride crooked.  I don't want to take my injuries out on my horse by pinching my hips because my knees won't rotate comfortably or sack-of-potatoing his back because it hurts too much to hold myself up.

Just a thought.

So I took a few days off of "aggressive" riding and farted around.  Rode bareback.  Walked a lot.  And then it rained for three days straight.  :(

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  1. I totally get this conundrum here. I recently was injured in May and was told not to ride for 3 months...yeah OK. I did take 6 weeks off fully, but then farted around. The boys were lunged a LOT too. Maybe thats something you could work on? Or maybe do some ground work or tricks or something!
    That being said I am fully impressed you even put that weight on your shoulders! I'm a wimp when it comes to bar exercises...Terrified of dropping it or falling. I think my max OHS is like #65 and front/back squat is like #90 haha. Impressed!

  2. I definitely think it's smart to take it easier when you're injured. I got kicked in the knee a few weeks ago and was pretty happy I wasn't lame, my horse always seems a bit tense when I'm "off".

  3. It was definitely hard for me to take a couple of months off riding after I broke my arm- I thought my doctor was being too cautious. But I took the time off because I was terrified I'd re-injure the arm (plus, it was a worker's compensation case because I was injured at work; I had no idea what would happen if I DIDN'T follow the doctor's instructions and happened to get hurt). I'm kind of glad I did, because I didn't develop any weird habits trying to compensate for weakness or pain.

    We're SO careful with our horses- with their diets, their condition routines, their health. But as a whole, equestrians can be pretty crappy about taking care of themselves! So I say good for you- a little farting around never hurt anyone!

  4. I popped something in my lower back trying to leg press 190 lbs the year I turned 30 and it was a bitch. :/ Definitely take it easy for a while. I wasn't riding at the time but I tried going back to the gym way too soon. I ended up struggling with on & off back pain for months.

    I'm facing the same conundrum at the moment but have decided to stay off the horses. If I can't run on my own two feet because I feel like I'm going to fall, it's probably not a good idea to get up on an animal with a mind of its own 5' off the ground. Concussions suck donkey balls. I think I'd prefer the headaches to the vertigo I still have.

    I hope your knees are feeling better very, very soon!

  5. Ouch, wishing you a speedy recovery

  6. Knees are scary, but I feel like we each know our own bodies. Take the time you need!

  7. yikes - hope you feel better soon! definitely very badass with that weight ... but i also agree 100% about giving yourself time to heal. good luck!