A Day In The Life.

AKA, "photo dump".

My knees are much better, guys.  I was a lazy-ass and I haven't had a leg workout in nearly two weeks.  I hobbled around a lot and the pain varied from excruciating to a mild throb.  Once walking felt okay, I decided Archie and I were ready for a "real" workout.  After all the rain.

(I get all the chestnuts confused.)

Step one:  load up on cookies and walk to pasture.  Try not to be accosted by the other geldings who know you have cookies (but also know that you won't share).  

Step two:  gawk at your handsome ponykins until he acknowledges you.  Continue to fend off other geldings, especially the baby.

Step three:  try not to let your cold little heart burst once the ponykins acknowledges you.

Step four - whatever:  groom, mount, forget to take photos.

Step, uh, seven:  convince your brave ponykins that water puddles can actually be a total blast.

Step eight:  dismount, hook a rein, and try to take decent photos of your still-tacked ponykins.

"What is this madness?"
"I'm trapped." 
"I'm resigned to my imminent demise."
Step nine:  release the rein once you realize that your ponykins is a goob.

"I don't believe you.  I'm still trapped.  I can feel it."
"Okay, maybe you aren't full of shit about this capture thing."
Step ten:  take close ups of his dirty legs, because prissy-pants never plays in the mud.  Promise him that you'll clean him up ASAP.

Step eleven:  untack, clean, and reward with beet pulp.

"I love you again."
Worried eye.
nom nom nom

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  1. Love all the photos, Archie sure is an expressive chap ♡

  2. he is just such a sweetie - love the 'i'm trapped' face lol. also - i'm kinda super impressed that you were confident enough to carry your phone for that video! but of course he just powered through it like a pro... maybe he can offer a hint or two to izzy haha

  3. Cute pictures! The chestnuts are remarkably similar :)

  4. He's adorbs! Glad the knees are feeling better!

  5. Cute pics! :) Happy to hear the knees improved!

  6. I love all those pictures! His face is precious when worried!