Nothing New.

You know, just packing up my desk.  Cleaning long-nurtured dust bunnies into nonexistence.  Eating the best brownies, ever, considerately made with black beans because vegetarianism versus veganism is hard and better to err on the side of caution.  For reals, I'm gonna get the recipe for these suckers.  Mine probably won't turn out as well because they won't be made with get the fuck out love.

Between shredding documents that I should have never kept and filing things that wanted to be filed two years ago and deleting randomness, I found this.  And this is also the best.

So, many thanks for the congratulations, here's hoping I don't shit myself on my first day.  I'm still riding that happy blend of elation and nervousness and wondering how the hell I managed to pull this off.  Also, special thanks to you eventing ladies who let me know just how much I nailed that last dressage test (also still wondering how I pulled that off...).

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  1. love that pig lol! and you're gonna do great - hope you love the new job :)

  2. Woop woop - you're gonna kick @$$

  3. congrats!!! and yes, vegan black bean brownies are super delish!

  4. You're going to be great! And if you want to send some of those brownies my way, it'd be much appreciated.

  5. Good luck on your first day!