Top Five.

1.  Best horse memory.
Galloping Archie while on the trail ride from hell and finally just letting him loose.  It was exhilarating and terrifying and I wish I could get him to let go like that again.


Somewhere along this road.
2.  Worst horse memory.
Crying on the phone with Duke's owner after she told me that he was humanely euthanized following an unsuccessful colic surgery.  Rest in peace, Big Guy.

3.  First horse memory.
My cousin and I were driven to a random farm land outside of Houston, Texas.  Then I remember being plopped in the saddle in front of a cowboy and gripping the horn as we raced around the pasture.  I'm sure it was maybe a slow lope, if that, but it felt like we were flying.  I was probably four or five.  My cousin cried.

4.  Last horse memory.
Turning Archie out in the big pasture, which means no more cantering in it.  Having just pulled his mane, totally pissing him off, but easily making amends with beet pulp and a carrot.

After.  Yay, pissed off pony!
5.  Most memorable horse story.

"Hey, so one time I fell off a pony because I didn't check the girth and I lost my memory and drove myself to the hospital while still in the black-out phase of my concussion.  The best part?  I remembered Duke's name, but didn't know who the guy with me was.  We were engaged*."

*Not D.

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  1. oh man #5!! so this thing is totally gonna make the rounds :)

  2. Love this! May snag for a rainy day.

  3. #5 is hilarious! I've got to do this!

  4. This is fantastic

  5. Love this! May have to steal it for tomorrow which I plan to be a day off for the hairies ☺
    OMG #5, sorry but lolz!

  6. awesome - great post (and idea!). i kinda love #1 too - that it seemed terrifying but became such a great memory!