Fiverr Friday.

Here's a little last-minute gift option for y'all.  Secret Santa, anyone?

Fiverr is a website for people advertising skills for a whopping $5.  It's a little misleading though, because they're only required to have a base product worth $5.  They all seem to nickel and dime.

I love this stuff.  Surprise!  Remember when I paid a guy $10 to draw my logo?

Because I'm a little too in love with my horse, I sent out two different photos to two different artists.  Here's my review on both of them.

This guy offered a $5 watercolor styled drawing, in color.  I sent him this photo:

And pretty quickly in return, he sent me this: 

I'm pretty satisfied with it, but if you've noticed my sudden fascination with turning photos into watercolors, this is why.  I was pretty sure I could replicate it!

She took my breath away and it's been so hard to sit on this.  For $5, she offers a black-and-white watercolor style digital drawing.  Her prices go up pretty quickly from there.  I contacted both artists in advance with photos, to verify that they would feel comfortable doing horses.  She gets bonus parts for calling him majestic.  :)

She took significantly longer to get the work back, but it's a wholly different quality of piece.  She was also easy to work with on changes I wanted made.

The photo I sent her:

I asked her to remove the bridle for simplicity.  And what she sent me:

I'm not an artist. We know I can't draw shit.  But something about this took my breath away.

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  1. wow i love these - thanks for sharing!!

  2. The second one is awesome! Cool (and dangerous) website.

  3. Super cute! I'm going to check that site out for my secret Santa.

  4. The last one definitely took my breath away.

  5. those are both really cool! definitely worth $5

  6. Wow beautiful!! Esp love the b&w!

  7. I can never see enough images of Archie ♡♡♡

  8. I love how she did his mane! I'm tempted to get one of my ponies too now...

  9. Love the black and white. There is something about b&w that really strikes something in me.

  10. Beautiful black & white work. Four hooves up from the art snob!