The $900 Gift Exchange 2014

Spoiler alert #1:  I was spoiled.  Like, shamefully spoiled.  Don't kill me.

Spoiler alert #2:  Amanda Chance wins the Most Generous award.

Reads "Benefiting Remember Me Resecue".

First up:  owl shirt.  Because.. owls.  

Second up:  MangoBay belt.  I've been lusting after another one because, unfortunately, cyan/teal doesn't go with every outfit.  And if you look at this photo with the photo above it, you can see that Amanda planned my Christmas outfit.  

At this point, Amanda could easily have stopped and I'd have been satisfied.  Shit, those items individually were enough!  But I think Amanda is maybe courting me and this was the blow to steal my heart:

Yes, this is what you think it is.  To quote my mother (who almost immediately got a texted photo, even though she abhors the half), "a true keepsake."

Just look at it.
No, really.  Look at it.
From the half sleeve to the arrow on the saddle pad*,
to the little ermine marks on his hinds.
*Now I need this, too.
I think we're engaged now.  I'll send out wedding invites as soon as possible. 

Then, after appealing to my owl fetish, my clothing whoredom and my infatuation with my pony, she plied me with chocolate.  Complete with a jumping horse.

If we aren't engaged now, then she's officially my inked sister from another tattooing mister.  Because she topped all the goodies off with treats for the Kid.

It is my shame as a horse owner to admit that Archie has never had Mrs. Pasture's cookies.  Thanks for remedying that, Amanda.

This photo is about a millisecond too late to show that he promptly snatched them out of my hand.

So, again, many, many thanks to Amanda for being so thoughtful and generous.  I was truly touched!

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  1. 1) This is sad evidence of the fact that I never know when to fucking quit and I can't resist a black friday sale.

    2) All credit for the awesomeness of the ornament goes to Kelsey. I just sent pics, asked her to include the tat and an arrow somehow, and she nailed it.

    3) It was totally my plan to score a wife-to-be. I win.

  2. Can I be a bridesmaid?! Amanda that ornament made me cry. It's Beka and Archie to a T!!! Love.

  3. Wow secret Santa jackpot!!! I LOVE that ornament!!!! Incredible!! Merry Christmas!!

  4. That ornament is absolutely STUNNING! Adding that to my wish list for next year...

  5. This may have one the blogger exchange best gift award... But that's just my opinion hahaha.

  6. Yay, those are all great. Those chocolates are good too. Got them last year from a friend. Enjoy!

  7. I will not lie- I was jealous when Amanda was picking everything up along the way and telling me about it and I'm even more jealous now. You won the secret Santa Jackpot. I adore the ornament!

  8. these are awesome gifts - merry christmas indeed!! that ornament is just so perfect!!

  9. Deff hit the Secret Santa jackpot, love everything she sent you - it all screams Beka & Archie

  10. The ornament is fantastic! Love the shirt too!

  11. That ornament is amazing!!! Well done, FBPony, well done!!!

  12. That ornament is awesome! Yup, I have to agree that you definitely hit the Secret Santa jackpot!

  13. It's a scientific fact that Amanda is the best. Period. Congratulations to you two! :)