Gore & Glory

So this is where we are.

Here's the initial post on his injury.  And here's the last update, because it's hard to post gory photos over and over.  

And here's the extra bandage change due to shitty weather.  I actually put him in a stall for two nights because it was supposed to rain.  

I send photos every bandage change to my husband.  While not a veterinarian, he is a medical professional and I trust his opinion.  He assures me that the giant knot will eventually go down.  As soon as this thing closes, I'm going to start using Heal Quick on it.  

Anyways, one night I was lamenting the fact that it seemed to be getting bigger and bigger.  He went back to the initial injury and pointed out the areas that were going to die.  He was spot on.

Every time I take the bandage off, I compare it.  The amount of yellow versus red.  On the 26th, I had the extra benefit of finding two sutures that had sloughed off.  I'm expecting the other two to join them any day now.

The vet okayed him being out in the lane pasture when all of this started.  And verified that it was still okay once he pulled those four sutures.  I specifically asked, "What about when he gets the fall friskies?"  Vet said:  it's going to happen.  Let it happen.  I guess because activity increases blood flow, oxygenated blood, and he's structurally sound on it?  I thought going off bute would help settle him down.  It hasn't.  Here's a video.

(yes, I adjusted that right standing wrap immediately afterwards)

Our next recheck is scheduled for 1/1.  I'm not sure what'll happen then.  I've got my figures crossed that we've successfully avoided sequestrum.  

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  1. Frig that is nasty! Sending more jingles!

  2. That video is great- he looks super pleased with himself!!

  3. What a nut! I love it when they get up from rolling and spaz. Fingers crossed for good healing!

  4. Wow, that is ugly. Try putting honey on it too. It will help prevent proud flesh and is awesome for wounds.

  5. Looking good! I know it doesn't seem like it, but I've seen some seriously heinous injuries & it's incredible how horses heal. Air, simple, clean wound care, & time -- and I like your vet, he sounds like my kind of vet: skilled & practical. Horses are going to be horses & the sooner we learn to accept it, the lower our blood pressure will be (note: I have not mastered this part yet, sigh). Blood is good, it means there's vessel supply, & there's good clean tissue growing in from the edges! Go Archie!

  6. Uck. Other than the proud flesh, though, it seriously looks like it's getting better. Fingers crossed you don't have to debride the proud flesh at a later date.

  7. Beka it really, REALLY looks good! Breathe! Listen to your vet and your hubby! Archie is, clearly, feeling fine. :)

  8. phew, what a relief. fingers crossed it keeps healing like this!!