Oh... Heyyy.

I'm trying to be a good employee.  My double-daily fifteen minute breaks are spent running to the bathroom and chugging liquids.. rather than, you know.. blogging.  This makes me boring.

The new job is going great.  I'm still learning and I think my coworkers occasionally slip into gibberish, but I haven't completely fucked anything up yet.  Give me time.

Couple the new job, the holiday, the weather, and my dear, sweet husband having the flu, and I haven't been out to see Archie much lately.  Can we take a moment to commiserate with each other the weakness of men when they're under the weather?

D approves.

Of the few rides I've had lately, here are some notable points:

C and I took a little trail ride to the river.  Archie was actually well-behaved sniffing the tail roots on her mare, which meant he went second.  Her mare was a wee bit spooky and Archie didn't give a shit about anything until he poked himself with a bush.  Then it was about three seconds of horror that I had let something like that happen.

With her mare in the lead, they got to the river first.  Archie and I stopped while they walked forward.  The next thing I know, her mare is spinning backwards.  C sat it damn well.  What's notable about this situation?  I don't think Archie even batted an ear.  Her mare darted behind him and we walked on forward.  He got big pats for having no sense of self-preservation and trusting that an alligator hadn't just darted out of the river.

Meh ears.
Monday, I went straight to the barn from work. This is before the hubs started feeling gross.  This was also the first day that I dared to change into my breeches at work and ducked out the stairwell.  Of course, I left my badge at my desk and had to get someone to take me all the way back up.  Tight pants are awesome.

Anyways, I had some huge desire to do some actual fucking work with the Kid.  The weather was agreeable and I felt like I was actually riding less-potato-esque.  He listened, he spent a few minutes telling me to go fuck myself, and finally we had a few moments of solid forward, contact, leg yields and some baby-shoulder-in.

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  1. I hate you being a good employee :( I don't talk to you everyday anymore

  2. Men are the biggest babies. Tell him to drink a Strawberrita and get over it ;)

  3. Glad that the new job is going well & that Archie is being a good boy ☺

  4. I agree, when a man gets a cold... Their life is OVER. Good job holding it together Archie!

  5. Sick men are the worst. I think actual babies are tougher and more coherent.

  6. Archie sounds like a total pro on the trails - what a good boy!! glad the new job is going well :)

  7. Serious man colds are the worst!