Trained to Lose.

Let's call this "Making of the Horse 2.0".

I sent a message to Archie's race trainer via facebook.  It was a precarious decision and I thought, "Baby pics?!" and not, "Do I really want to know...?"

No.  I didn't.  Because it just gives me more questions.

Race trainer responded, enthusiastically.  What is it about this jerkface that inspires the masses to love him?  Anyways, she gave me more information.
  • She acquired him from Dolly von Stade Bostwick.  Which is weird, because she died in 1998.  But I guess that makes sense, as his final attempted auction, in 1999, was by DSB Stable, Agent.  So maybe he was liquidated stock after her death?
  • Dolly used him as a "work horse".  I'm not sure when, though.  Anyways, the kicker to this is that he was used as a breezing partner with better racers and he would be the guy who helped them win.  By losing.
  • She calls him a "gentleman".  I mean, he's not going to eat your face.  But he might eat your horse's.
  • As a result of his loser-training, they decided not to race him very much.
  • She started him over little jumps and then sold him to someone in Cincinnati, OH.  Again, not sure when.
  • She knows that they did "lots of local shows and a few hunter shows".  When?
  • She didn't hear about him again until she found out that he was back in Augusta, at my old trainer's barn.
  • While race training, they did a lot of trail riding. Maybe he's confused the two?
I drew a timeline to help meddle through this. 

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  1. I like how forthcoming Archie's previous people are!

  2. That's awesome that she still remembers him so well!

  3. There's an Ohio H/J group and I believe I'm part of a Cinci-specific group too. Maybe if you post a pic there someone will recognize him?!

  4. interesting!! i mean, yea frustrating that it's still so murky... but love the timeline!

  5. Man kinda sucks that your boy was trained to lose! I hope he doesn't still have that mentality and knows what a winner he is now -- with you AND in life. ;)

  6. I got all inspired by these 'history of the horse' posts I've been seeing recently, and decided to contact Foster's seller.. I doubt I will get such an enthusiastic response, but it's worth a try! Cool that you got so much info!

  7. What fun to hear back! I got nada from my old man's racing connections, but the girl who got him off the track was just wonderful. :-)

  8. Representin' from the Nasty natti, WUT WUT. No but seriously thats so cool. I WISH i had this much info on both the OTTBs

  9. That timeline is great! Will you keep talking to the race trainer in hopes of getting more information?

  10. It's great she was so helpful with information!