100th and 1st.

Unless I've miscalculated, which is entirely possible, tonight marks our 100th wrap.  Yes, you read that correctly.  I bothered to count.  Because all there is right now is hours at the computer, hours in the car, and the perpetual, hypnotic back-and-forth of wrapping, wrapping.

I can always tell how frisky he's been by how far the right has slipped.
This says, "I  won the attention of all the pretty ladies."


And here's our regular two-week update.  Because we're making some slow, blissful progress.

Annnnnnnd, my sweet little ponykins had a special visitor who appropriately flattered, fed carrots, and pulled his tail to keep that damn hoof on the ground.  This also marks my first meeting with a  fellow blogger!  Of Team Flying Solo fame....

He's not really drunk.  And I promise I'm not stoned.
But damn Brena for being photogenic in everything.

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  1. Yay for blogger meet ups and a leg well on its way to healing!

  2. That leg is looking sooo much better and you look way high in the pic on her blog lol

  3. Leg looks so much better! And so jealous of blog meetups!

  4. Leg looks awesome! And yeah... you look kinda high and Archie looks preeeeetty drunk..

  5. Dang, that leg is looking good!

  6. His leg is really starting to make headway!! Yay for you, the queen of wrapping legs!

  7. Wow thats really some good progress!

  8. Hot damn - that is looking really good.

  9. sooooo many wraps... wow! it's looking really good tho!!!

  10. Archie's leg is looking REALLY good!!! Are you in the clear now? No surgery for sure?? *fingers crossed*

  11. Wow! That leg looks great! That also shows just how much your wrapping diligence has paid off too.

  12. I can verify in person that not only does Archie's leg look very very good -- but he really is a DAMN SEXY horse. It's been a long time since I've seen that old-school, gorgeous, chiseled face & eye. Beka has one hell of a classy man & while I won't get to write it up until I recover from conference madness, is definitely inducted into my "Cool Peeps" Club! Thanks for your hospitality, tips, & sharing your special boy!!!

    1. Addendum: thank you for the ONLY time in my entire life I have ever been referred to as "photogenic," HAHAHHAHHAHA! I might frame that one!