One (bloody) Step Closer.

I got up early on January first to do what hopefully won't be the theme for 2015:  meet the vet.

But, honestly, after nearly three weeks of waking up over an hour early to spend fifteen minutes changing his wraps and checking for blood, getting up at 7:30 was no problem.  Anxious, too, you know.  Oh, hey, can I mention how much I love books on tape now?  Oh, sorry, "audiobooks".  And that my constant highway driving has bumped the baby Fiesta up to 40 mpg?

"Hi.  I'm totally fucking handsome and worth all this pain."
We unwrapped the leg amidst Archie's new favorite pastime:  dancing and shitting and spreading that shit all over the aisle.  I know messing with the leg is uncomfortable, but we still have to have some sort of manners, right?  Maybe?  Okay, so I just shove carrots in his face and clean up his poop.

My vet was super impressed with the healing.  Said it was excellent.  He did list two concerns, though:
  • There might be a tiny hole trying to push out pus and dead bone.  He isn't convinced that it's sequestrum and, until Archie starts acting like it hurts, we're going to treat it like it isn't.
  • The proud flesh.  He's had me keep the leg open since the visit, texting photos, because he said that oxygen works wonders and he thinks that's all the leg needs.  If the proud flesh doesn't look better tomorrow morning, we're going to continue with the leg wraps for another week.  And then we'll consider a little slicing and dicing of the proud flesh.  I told him I didn't care about it cosmetically, but he said that the proud flesh would prolong the healing time.  Boo.

A little angry after the poking and prodding and stitch removal.
So.... I asked, if everything went magically perfect and we were on the route to healing, what was my rough ETA for getting back in the saddle.

His response:  Oh, you can ride today.




Okay, so he set some qualifiers on it.  If the leg bleeds, no more riding for a while.  If he's off, no riding.  No trails, because nothing needs to rub against the leg.  Keep it easy.  If the proud flesh isn't improved, no riding.

So I took him on a little thirteen-minute gaunt around the ring.  We went ahead and addressed the fuck-you-I'm-a-giraffe and I-don't-know-how-to-trot,-let's-tranter-angrily.  I did a few laps of walking, a couple laps of trot/canter, and called it a day.  Super proud of him because a baby (literally, she's like 9 months) was being handled in the round pen.

A little angrier, but I don't think it would have happened if it hadn't been poked and prodded prior.
When the vet said that the leg needed air, I immediately became flummoxed.  DIRT, man, DIRT!  Am I going to have to clean it twice a day now, with angry bay hooves flying at my head?  But, but, he lays down in the pasture.  Does he need to go in the stall?  I'M SO CONFUSED.

Have I mentioned how reasonable my vet is?  Love this guy.  When I asked about how to treat it, what about the dirt, he said (almost verbatim):  Don't.  Don't mess with it.  Don't worry about the dirt because the granulation tissue is highly resistant to infection.  He said that one of the worst things people do is actually clean too much, because it fucks up the healing process.

I asked about rechecks.  He said, you know, I can come out here as much as you want... but all I really need is to see it.  So just text me.  (???) (!!!)

So this fugly thing is what I sent him at 6:45 this morning.

He said it looked good (....really?) and to leave it unwrapped and to text him another photo tomorrow.  You know.  On his day off*.

In celebration, we took 7 AM selfies:

I opted not to ride today because he did have some swelling in the inside of that leg.  Vet wasn't concerned about it and told me to put some Surpass on it.  Cross your fingers for tomorrow!  (Also, because our dryer/house tried to commit arson and homicide, so the inlaws are coming to help.)

Finally, for those of y'all that like my last post, here's the recap I did of 2013.

*And, old barn owner, this is why I didn't switch vets when you told me you couldn't use him anymore.  After you didn't follow his medical advise, didn't attend the appointment but sent your friend in your place, and didn't follow up, and ultimately had to have your horse euthanized.  

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  1. Your vet sounds amazing! (Where can I get one? xD) It really does look like Archie's leg is getting better; good luck with the rest of the healing process!

  2. Wow! Great vet! That thing just won't quit, you're such a good mommy babying him through all this!

  3. OMG, you have Dr. Bob!!! Isn't he awesome, LOL. That's a long drive from NC though...but he teh shit.

    So excited you got to ride! Been there with all that wrapping nonsense ( ), but as you so correctly said, he IS totally fucking handsome. I tell Encore he should feel damn lucky he's so freaking cute, otherwise, I'd just beat his ass & sell him just so he could see how good he had it! ;P

  4. I have a vet like that and IT IS THE BEST! I'm so glad to hear Archie's leg is healing up so well and that you're able to ride him! Yay!

  5. Exciting that you got to ride!!! Your vet sounds amazing...I am jealous.

  6. Wow you have an amazing vet!! I'm glad it's healing! I'm keeping my fingers crossed the proud flesh goes away on it's own. :D

  7. Angry tranter cracks me up. Sounds like your vet is AWESOME and I kinda want him in my life.

  8. Jeez- I love your vet!! What a champion.
    Leg looks great to me- very clean!

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  10. your vet sounds like mine. When Irish tried to cut off his hind leg on a eletrobraid I emailed photos rather than bring him out. Glad that he's healing.

  11. O HAPPY DAY!!!!! I used to have a super vet too but she moved :( yay for good healing!!!

  12. Your vet sounds like a legend, I like my girls vet well enough - but that is service with a smile (& an effin cheery on top) that you get

    1. Oops hit post too soon - all great newses. I hope the healing continues *hugs*

  13. so awesome having such a great relationship with your vet!

  14. *fingers crossed* for awesome continuing healing

  15. here's hoping everything continues to go according to plan!! love that you can get back in the saddle now too!!! also, your vest sounds like pretty much the best lol