Things You Do.

I created a hashtag on Instagram regaling my rideless life. #thingsyoudowhenyourhorseiscrippled

So, I thought I would share some photos, so you non-IGers know that I'm not drowning my sorrows in a vat of frozen Chunky Monkey mixed with Malibu. That actually sounds pretty damned delicious. 

Tags for the new halter.

Leather-stamping, because it's stupid easy.

I bought from CuttinCrazy on Etsy.  LPT:  she sells six tiny nail vinyls for three dollars.  You know what they fit on?  Gloves.

And itty-bitty curry combs.

From Relatively Stable, to christen the new helmet.

I'm hoping the weird checkerboard thing will grow on me.

A tiara because I'm a fucking queen. 
Really, though, it's a reference to the "Sport of Kings, King of Sports".

And then I cleaned and re-waterproofed Archie's blankets.  I would have done a "tutorial" on this, but there were only two steps:  clean the blankets, spray the blankets.

I just used this stuff.  $10 at Home Depot.  I'll let y'all know how well it works in a month or so.  The can got me two coats on the sheet and one coat on the blanket, as well as the new halter and lead twice.


And after I hosed it off at the barn.

And, also, because I only have two emotional options (eating and shopping), I bought a few saddle pads that were on clearance at HorseLoverz.  Including this obnoxious yellow one that makes me absurdly happy.

The yellow isn't true in this photo, but I'm only happier with the pad now that it's embellished with a skull.

Which brings me to thirteen saddle pads and two half pads.  Only room to grow!

I tried to take the shit on a little walk to the woods, but the mares galloped over and Archie forgot he was a gelding and also forgot that there was a little human flapping at the other end of his kite.

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  1. i kinda like the checks on your helmet monogram, actually. and that skull patch on the yellow pad = awesome!

  2. Busy lady, love all the projects!

  3. I really like the checkered pattern! And yay for saddle pads!

  4. I love the checkered pattern on the monogram! Do let us know how the Scotch Guard waterproofing holds up. I need to touch up my blankets and sheets.

    And dude! I thought I had a lot of saddle pads but you've got me beat. ;) Always room for more!

  5. Love the yellow and the skull & the checks on the helmet...screw it - i ♡ all the things!!!!!

  6. That saddle pad is pretty kickass. I'm also feeling very swayed toward monograms're not helping keep me on my original side of the fence on the matter either. ;-)

  7. And I thought I had a saddle pad addiction... also let's eat ice cream and shop online together.

  8. I have NEVER THOUGHT to put patches on saddle pads! I assume it's an iron on from the iron in the photo - do they usually stick well?

  9. I kinda dig the checkerboard. Also great minds must think alike because I stood on the iron-on patch aisle at Hobby Lobby for a while last night contemplating application to saddle pads...

  10. I have a blanket waterproofing tip that I got from one of the gals at my barn, Thompson's Water Seal! (like, for decking!) Put some in a spray bottle & spray your (clean) blankets, it works out to be about $3 per blanket to waterproof. :D (I did 2 coats on my blanket to be sure, but so far it's holding up great!

    I don't comment often, but I wanted to share! :)

  11. Hey you sound like me! Speaking of, I need to run to the store to buy more vinyl to print more monograms for myself! Thanks for the ideas on monogramming curry combs :P I also like the idea to waterproof spray halter and lead! And I'm obsessed with your helmet monogram. The crown is super duper awesome.

  12. I too love all the monograms and have seriously been considering getting them and now I wants them even moooooooreeeeeeeee!!!

  13. Whoa, you just got too classy for me with that helmet monogram. You better pig out on ice cream so you come back down to my level.

  14. Good for you for keeping busy! Love the pad!

  15. Love the pad and all the stamping! I might try that Chunky Monkey Malibu combo. Sounds therapeutic.

  16. I love the crown!

  17. I waterproof my blankets like that too! Works great!