TOABH: Ermahgerd

Yay, number 13!  Five more after this guy!  Props to those of you who have steadily posted and stuck along - I feel like this was a tad bit more than my list-making self had anticipated.  I'm sure crippled pony has nothing to do with that.

What is your pony's absolute favorite riding activity?  What makes those little ears perk and causes the knees to lift?  Let's just focus on the favorites - we'll save the bucks for next week.

I think Archie likes gymnastics.  I know he enjoys jumping, when I don't fuck it up for him, but I think he really enjoys those exercises that make him think.  Smart pony is smart.  When we've successfully gone through a series of trot poles, I can feel the Kid strut.  He's proud.  He knows he did well.  And he enjoys those things.

It might be a bit of a stretch, but I also think that he enjoys trail rides.  He gets up and antsy when we're with a group, but when it's just us, he stretches out, flicks his ears and will even occasionally chew.

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  1. Blog Hops are kinda exhausting ya? I was exhausted from hosting after mine much more fun to participate so I want to thank you for putting in all this work and coming up with this great celebratory Blog Hop of Archness :P

    1. Thanks for drawing my picture! I think I want to exclude my blog name and print it out. :)

  2. Planning to play catch up on this blog hop very soon. You should know this is probably the first one I've ever stuck with! Great topics every week :)

  3. I'm loving this blog hop & all the awesome Archieness ♡♡♡

  4. I love that feeling of our horses "strutting" when they know they done good :)

  5. I failed to keep up this time... But I still have a few more to go!!!!

  6. I have been following along loving all the different responses, but I actually need to participate, and I think this is the one! Also, I'm in love with that picture!

  7. I missed Ermahgerd! I'm devastated! I blame Italy.

    Archie, you are adorable.