TOABH: Idiosyncrasies.

What personality quirks does your pony have?  What makes him or her special?

Way back when we boarded him in Augusta, Archie had a stall next to gray Thoroughbred mare named Rain.  And my little Firebolt lost his shit every meal time.  

The way that the stalls were designed, the bottom half of the wall between stalls was wood and the top was chain-link fence.  And then my food-aggressive pony ate through the chain link fence.  

I edited out my brother.  But I'm not talking defensively to myself.
I wish I had photos of the metal-munching.  I don't.  So here's a drawing.

Archie had the stall on the left.  The red represents the food buckets.  The yellow represents the decimation of the chain link fence.  Eventually, the barn maintenance guy had to put a giant piece of wood between the stalls, so Archie couldn't gnaw the face of the gray mare.  ....And then Archie got moved to a far-off corner of the barn.  :|

So, yeah, idiosyncrasy number one?  My pony will eat another pony's face if it comes too close to his food bucket.  This hasn't improved with age... prior to get kicked, they were actually in the habit of pulling him out before food time and feeding him separately.  

Second idiosyncrasy?  Before he can be moved in the morning, Archie has to do a giant stretch of his hind legs and back.  Some times, he'll drop into a downward dog.  Here's another graphical representation, for lack of genuine evidence:

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  1. Carlos was a huge fan of doing downward dog before getting saddled! :) Ramone is starting to do it of his own accord too just not nearly as often. Funny metal eating Archie!

  2. Rawr Archie unleashes his Diva at feeding time

  3. Lol to the decimation of chain link fence!

  4. Ozzy does that too! We call it pony yoga. He'll get in downward dog, then stretch out his back leg like a ballerina. I have never managed to get a photo of it.

  5. lol my mare did the 'downward dog' pose in a lesson this weekend - definitely a strange feeling to sit on them during that haha

  6. I have never seen a horse do a stretch like that, probably feels good to stretch things out! :)

  7. I need photographic evidence of these yoga poses. I cannot fathom this! (but I totally believe you)

  8. omg the pictures. I'm crying LOL

    My horse is severely food aggressive towards other horses too. Idk if its because he was so skinny when I got him or what. Its scary

  9. Wow... chain link?? Just... wow...

    I had a mare who used to do the downward dog too. I always thought it was so cool and wished I could teach her how to do it on cue, but never figured it out. I was told by someone that when they do that particular stretch that it means they have a mild stomach ache (maybe gas colic? ulcers?) and they are trying to relieve it... I don't remember if she had any other symptoms when she did it because this was years ago, but I've always wondered after being told that. I have no idea if there is any truth to it and I never really thought to go look it up... I might have to now that you've reminded me. :)