Oh, yes, worth the caps:  TWO WEEKS.

Vet came out yesterday to do the barn.  It was the first time that I think so many of us were there and not really riding.  I got there a little early, but waited my turn.  I played photographer.

Archie was feeling pretty damn good.

When we finally got up to the cross ties, we immediately addressed the leg.  

Not the best photo, but the end results are fucking great:  vet says that between a week and a half to two weeks, we can stop wrapping and start riding.

Are you shitting me?  For real?
And then it was time to do his teefers!

Hey, doctor vet man!
I made a mistake.

A big mistake!

I asked my husband the other day what color my hair is.  Surprisingly, he popped out with my own words:  dead mouse brown.

 So here are the details on the leg:  last Wednesday, when I was pretty much at my wits' end, Archie's leg was swollen, painful, and draining from a random point away from the actual cut.  I was pretty much acknowledging that surgery was imminent.  And then Friday,  I had my horse back.

In talking to the vet about it, we figure that the leg did whatever it was going to do to resolve itself.  I asked about radiographs, but the vet said that if the sequestrum were absorbed, we would only see a demineralization.  And if the bone were spat out, we would still just see a hollow.  I owe the vet a photo in a week, but we think the leg is done.  Archie certainly is.  The little shit ran off last night when I was changing his wraps.

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  1. Hell yeah! Congrats!! Looks like it isn't bothering him too much from your pictures!

  2. YAHOOOOO! So happy for you guys! Archie looks awesome in those photos, frisky boy is frisky!

  3. Yay!!! That is such great news and I'm so happy for you. Two weeks will fly by :-)

  4. YAHOOO!!!

    Have you seen Arrested Development? "I've made a terrible mistake."

    Good job Archie!!

  5. What absolutely amazing news, oh B, I am so delighted for you both. *massive-hugs*

  6. Glad to hear (and see) that Archie is feeling much better! I love the photo with the "are you shitting me?" caption, Archie's face is the cutest :)


  8. WOO HOO!!!!!! Fingers crossed it keeps improving! So great to hear!

  9. Woooohooooo! Eeeek! Yay! Let the countdown begin!

  10. HOORAY! Archie looks awesome, as does the leg!!

  11. yay!!! he certainly looks like he's feeling good :D

  12. Ahh ... good news. So happy for a positive turn. :0)

  13. YAY!! I love the "I made a mistake" picture, he looks so offended!

  14. Dead mouse brown, hahaha. Sorry not funny... but funny. I have the same colour so I am only laughing at myself too.
    Leg looks great and he looks so pleased about his dentist trip!