I had one of the best weekends I've had in a long, long while. So lemme run it down for you and share the exhausted bliss. This might take a while.

I stood up for myself. Someone asked me to do something I already do, but in a different manner. I said no. And I was grossly offended, but maintained some manners and kept shit professional. Ish.

I also went to a runners' expo and picked up all sorts of cool shit, like tshirts and a New Balance bag and expensive chocolate.

Yes, she is flambé-ing my creme brulée.
Oh hey, I ran a 5k. Longtime readers might remember the Year of Running, during which I ran a 5 or 10 almost every month. It culminated in a half-marathon, at which I decided no more halfs. 
Many thanks to Steph for the Brooks arm sleeves!
The weight trainer in me sabotaged the runner in me, and I ended up putting way too much shit on my stomach prior to a run. My stomach physically hurt for the first two miles.  Savannah is an old and beautiful city and I was trying to plan whose bushes I would barf in. For all that, I hit my stride in the third mile and was able to close strong.

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Then we went to the farmer's market and I bought a shit ton of vegetables and even some vegan meals and jalapeño honey. That was followed by an indulgent brunch at a new restaurant. Of course I wore my medal everywhere.

Until the gym. What was epic about the gym? I stank so badly and someone had generously donated body spray. Yay!

My amazing hubs agreed to accompany me to the barn, where I cut the shit with both C and the BM. Then pony and I had our first trot.

Unintentionally matching.
It was home to clean up and nap before D and I headed back downtown. At my favorite bar, a tall, gorgeous blonde lady bought my drink because she didn't meet the minimum. Why, thank you. Then more foods and drinks at another favorite restaurant. 

Kicking back on the couch when... I got my first Etsy order! Oh yes, there is a shop. More details to follow!

After that, it was a trip to get the cars tinted (um.. Illegal), the gym to work out, back to switch cars, photographing puppies, eating Mexican, and enjoying a beer while I made my first for-profit metal stamp.

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  1. Epic weekend! Congrats on the run and the Etsy order :)

  2. YESSSS a shop!! And I do remember your Year of Running. You were a huge inspiration for me that year! That breakfast looks amazing. And that is my favorite family bumper sticker EVARRRR!
    Awesome awesome awesome re: first trot set on Archie!!!!

  3. YAY A SHOP! And I'm so glad you're getting some use out of those arm sleeves! And also, we are shirt twins. I have the 99 Problems shirt in the same color- craaaaaaaaazy.

  4. I have the 99 Problems shirt in bright yellow, but now I feel like I need it in teal to be like the cool kids. And hurry up with the store announcement! Bobby needs all the tags!

  5. That IS an epic weekend! Congrats on the trot :)

  6. Sounds SO awesome! I love weekends like that! YAY trot!!!!

  7. SO EPIC!!! So many wonderful things... the 5K, your store opening, TROTTING!! I ALSO have the 99 problems shirt, but in grey. Clearly we need to get a group photo...

  8. Wow what a weekend!! Congrats on a great finish to your 5K and your first purchase!!

  9. Woah.... You fit all that into a weekend? Good for you.

  10. I NEED that window decal! That is awesomeness!

  11. Squeeeee etsy shop - how am I so far behind that I don't know this!?!?! I have been anticipating this move since the first metal stamping awesome goodness was shared with the blogosphere!!!!