Defining the Relationship

Snookum-ukums, where do you see this going?  

Let's be realistic.  What's the plan with your pony?  Is it a five-year investment with a return, is it until you move up beyond the Kin's abilities, or is it forever*?

I wasn't horse shopping when I bought Archie.  I wasn't looking for "a horse".  I've talked about this and it's on my "Bold Archer" page, but here's the gist:  I loved Duke.  Duke died.  I started working Archie to distract myself and would not let my trainer sell him to anyone else.

Old photo: our first together.
While I know that there will be other horses, Archie is my heart horse.  I've had inquiries about purchasing him (what the fuck were those people thinking?!), but I will own him for the rest of his life.  My hope is that he'll be comfortable in work for another five years.  That'll put him at 23.  Perfectly doable, right?  Even arthritic, with ringbone?  The biggest concern that I have is that his mind will push us on long after his body wants to retire.  Archie has spunk.

Until then, I aspire to do a beginner novice event.  If he tells me that jumping is too much, we'll work on trail and dressage.  If that never happens, I'm perfectly content being a backyard rider and making the most of our two-foot fences.

So here's the other half of that.  My husband is amazing, but he is not a horse person.  If something were to happen to me tomorrow, he would be saddled with two dogs, three cats, two cars, a mortgage and a horse.  In my concerns about the additional burden boarding and the level of owner involvement that I would want for my horse, I have taken out a ginormous life insurance plan.  If I die, Archie automatically gets shipped to a retirement farm in Tennessee where he will live out the rest of his days.

*Every answer is acceptable because you always have the best interest of the horse in mind.  Right?

Ps.  Many thanks to L for her 10:00 PM reminder.  :)
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  1. Aw Archie's person loves him to bits :) I am working this blog hop right now because I have been trying to do one for quite a while!

    1. I did it but I'm having weird computer issues getting the link on my post...will work on that... :)

  2. I need to get the pony covering life insurance plan.

  3. My guy is 18 and I am hoping to have 5 more years as well. We do schooling Hunters and maybe a rated this summer. He is very sound and spunky as well. When he is ready to retire we hope to move to a horse friendly property. If something were to happen to me my DH will keep paying his board. My BO will take great care of him.

  4. aww i love Archie's spunk!!!