TOABH: Introspection

We've talked about our ponies' preferred activities and treats and all the weird things they need.  Let's look a little more at that thing we can't really (okay, we could, but let's not think about it) remove from their lives:  ourselves.

What would your horse change about you?

If he couldn't magically be retired (never!), I think Archie would like if I could break things up for him.  He's a smart cookie and he gets bored.  I zone out.  We'll have trotted by the same damn barrel forty times and he'll spook on the 41st because he knows I'm on auto-pilot.  So, yeah, I think he'd appreciate if I incorporated more activities than just circles:  trot poles, changes of direction, trail rides, grids, and lateral work.  All of his favorite things.

More good group trail rides.
(old photo)
He'd probably also ask me to work on my own balance and body issues.  Yoga.  Stretches.  Figuring out the nuances of my weight shifting.  Getting comfortable with landing after fences so I don't plop down like a sack of potatoes.  Moving with the motion.  Maybe even seeing a chiropractor and a masseuse for myself to figure out if my broken butt has really affected my seat (his old chiro actually said that his aches and pains were the result of my attempt to ease the pressure off my ass).

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