TOABH: Metamorphosis


We've talked about what your horse doesn't like to do, and I don't want to confuse this with that.  I'm not talking about personality quirks or training foibles.  Tell me:  if you could change something (or things) about your horse, what would you?

I would give Archie better joints.  His joints (and front feet) are shit.  We've been lucky that the level of (non)work that we do hasn't necessitated injections to keep him sound.  He's been diagnosed with ringbone, he's had his hocks and hind ankles injected, and at his pre-purchase, the vet said that he had shitty knees.  God, how does he even move?

So, beyond the joints, I'd changed the length of his back.  I know that the length of the spine affects the functionality and movement of the horse, but I really think it'd be easier for him to have a stronger back if there were less of it.  He's like two ribs too long.  And downhill, let's fix that.  Magic, everywhere.

Downhill is exaggerated, but you get the gist.
And, finally, if I can be a petty motherfucker, I'd give him like a hand in height.  I know that my just-over-16-hands-or-something horse is considered tall.  But Duke was 17.3 and I felt like that was the bestest, safest height.  Ponies scare me.  Drafts enthrall me.

As Koby reached across him, she said, "Oh, he's tall."  And I swooned.
Um......  I guess I'd just change his conformation.

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  1. Important to note you wouldn't change that ADORABLE TONGUE!!

  2. I love these blog hops!! This was an easy one for me so I already posted it! When I read metamorphosis I thought this was going to be sharing pictures showing how much your horse has changed since you got him lol. I have no idea why I thought that. :)

  3. Awww he is so handsome, even if he is all arthriticy and long.

  4. aww that last photo - cute! it's tough when our pony pals come w some less-than-desirable physical traits... we love 'em anyway tho!