Digging for Gold.

Archie has an abscess.



I'll be one-hundred percent honest and say that I expected an abscess.  Just like I expected to fall off.  But I expected it in his right front to counter his left hind.  You know, from three months of this:

My little ballerina.
It's been a hard twelve months for the Kid and me.  He had the colic episode in April of 2014.  Then his (first?) abscess in August.  The kick in December.  Now another abscess in April.

Fortunately, the past me set the current me up really well.  When my barn manager sent me a text that Archie was lame, I headed out to the barn empty-handed.  And I'd already had diapers, duct tape, a brand-new bag of epsom salt, gloves, a towel and icthammol all in our "legs" container.  Of course, I don't remember leaving all of this.  You go, old me.

Strips for our duct-tape diaper.
My little blue bucket is a Nicker Maker's treat container that I spray-painted and repurposed.  So now it matches my blue "leg" container, but I also use it for bath time.

Last time, I couldn't find the goddamn abscess, Archie's clip had impaled his other hoof, and I called my vet near-tears, expecting his legs to fall off at any moment.  This time, I couldn't find the damn abscess either, so I pressed around a little longer and derpedly finally thought to test the area it had been last time.  Bam.  Instant response.

I still texted my vet about it and made a rough guideline as to at what point I ought to seek his medical intervention.  I also got his blessing to leave the shoes on, given the location of the abscess.  If this thing doesn't pop by this weekend, my vet will come out and pull his shoes and maybe poke a hole or something.  Last time he just marked the tiniest of lines to give a pressure point.

So, the good news?  I put Archie's floppiest bits of mane in some braids a couple weeks ago to train them.  Now I won't lose riding time to pulling!

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