It's not often that someone asks me where I got something (because, um, totally known for my image, right?), so I wanted to address two inquiries I've gotten over the past couple of posts.

This bad boy is from Relatively Stable on Etsy.  You might have seen Kristen post about them once or twice.... weekly.  :)

The smokin' hot pink breeches are from Tuffrider.  Surprise?  They're the size I normally wear, but they're low rise and fit like Spanx, which is why I have a muffintop.  Yay!  Also, the color is truly more rose than hot pink - thank my need to modify saturation.  I've also got the Ivy, but those bitching britches are size smaller than the rose, so who knows if I'll ever be able to squeeze in.

True color.  Deceiving the beer keg.
I got them for $35 from a lady on a facebook group (English Tack Trader, maybe?), but they're currently on sale at the TuffRider site.

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  1. Thank you! I covet those breeches.... :-)

  2. Love the monogram and think the breeches look awesome. *thumbsup*

  3. Breeches are definitely on my (admittedly lengthy) to-buy list!

  4. If you wear the right shirt, no one sees the muffin top. ;-) Love the color!

  5. That's probably the only stick figure family my truck could stand on her back window :)

  6. I love sharing my Relatively Stable addiction. :) I want Alicia to design a car decal for me. Now that I'm not working constantly I can start bothering her with my ideas, lol.