Birth of a Nation

First, I noticed a few signs that said "BOAN Base Camp" with an arrow.  So I googled the hell out of BOAN, to see if it was a production company or what.  Nothing.

But I knew those guys were there, right?  This is the neighbor's pasture. He had fences removed on either side and hot wire added to separate the horses from the people.

The crew brought fourteen horses.  Originally, they were supposed to be boarded at my barn.  I'm glad they're not because that's too many cars.

And then there was the little yellow sign, which said "to set" and pointed towards my trail-riding dirt road.  Just think, people, there's a moving being filmed where I ride my pony.  I'm a super star by proxy.

I finally just started googling movies being produced in Georgia and then in Savannah, Ga.  Finally, I hit the jackpot:  Birth of a Nation. It's a remake about Nathan Turner and his bloody revolution.  I don't recognize any of the actors, but I still wave at them all.  

I've been itching to get back there and see the movie set, but while I had an unpredictable pony, I had to plan it for when they weren't actually filming.  I also realized that since I've been working on rehabbing the pony, we haven't had very many "fun" rides.  On Sunday, I remedied that with a trail ride.

About a quarter-mile to a half mile, we hit the first real sign of the filming and I opted to dismount.  

Heavy duty auxiliary cables.

These cables ran the length of the road, hidden in the brush.

Lights, cables, and the same brown fabric that they used to hide our blue barrels a couple weeks ago.

I interrupt the boring shit with a shot of my handsome pony, looking at everything.

More electrical shit.  Guess it's water resistant?

Trailers of stuff.

I didn't want to get too close to the "plantation house", (which is actually what we referred to it as, too, prior to the movie), but you can see a bit of it above his noseband.

BM said that they painted it an off yellow with paint mixed with dishsoap in order to age it.  The dishsoap was so they could then wash the paint off.

Strategically hiding an electrical box with wilted magnolia branches.  #whereswaldo

I dunno.

I didn't realize so much was needed for a set.  I think the building on the left is an original.  They built some "slave shacks" for the movie, but I wasn't near them.

Oh, wait.  That them, in brown between the trees.  Aren't I an exceptional photographer?

As soon as we walked the length of the set, I turned around and went back towards the barn.  Dude's itty bitty brain was blown.  Once we were clear of the set supplies, I mounted.  He was a little up, but he calmed nicely with some leg and conversation.

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  1. Very cool! You should be an extra :)

  2. Sounds like they are leaving a lot of free stuff out there :P

  3. Love your detective work!! Lol

  4. so part of me thinks that's so cool (and i love all the sneaky pics haha!) - but the other part of me is kinda blown away that you were able to get Archie through all that (even by hand). my mare has a keen eye for anything 'unnatural' on the trail - even stuff like graffiti or drainage pipes and is not a fan. good boy Archie haha!

  5. I'm with L. Think of all the cool movies you could film of you and Archie if they just "donated" a few items to you....

  6. Cool! RB would have lost his mind at all that stuff though so good boy Archie!

  7. Really neat stuff! Very cool to see all the equipment they use- who knew!