Hot Pony, Cold Beer.

Because I mentioned that it rains regularly, it hasn't rained at all.  The downside to this is that there is no break for the unrelenting heat and we can't get away from the heat advisories.

This leads to a lot of cold hosing and very little actual work.  I effing jinxed myself, but I'm also enjoying the downtime of splitting a beer with my pony on a hot day.  He started his double-dose of OneAC last month and started the beer the first week of June.  For new readers, my horse was anhydrotic.  In Georgia.

My schedule has been off-kilter this week, anyways.  I was supposed to get a(nother) tattoo last night, but my artist had a family emergency, so we've rescheduled to next Friday.  Since I'd shuffled around my gym day and my pony days, it left me with an unexpected free time.  Fortunately, I had a shipment of charms come in, so I photographed those.  Branching out a little bit, but still focusing on the badass equestrian.

I had some other pretty things reach my grabby hands lately, but I'm waiting justtttt a little bit before I share those.  You've already seen a teaser on IG, because Saiph is fucking amazing.

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  1. the dinosaurs are amazing

  2. love that you split your beers with the pony lol. whatever works, right?

    1. Even though he already gets two a day, I wanted to encourage him to eat alllll of his beet pulp/alfalfa and the water. Too damn hot.

  3. Love the new charms. I need to bring beer to the barn - sounds relaxing.

  4. I WANT THE FEATHER! And... What did I miss about the beer? Drinking beer with ponies is okay?

  5. How is one supposed to pick between those charms? Ugh. I feel my spidey senses kicking in and telling me I need more...

  6. OMG. A t-rex. I have no words -- that would be so perfect for Solo since he, uh, jealousy-bites his brother, snork.

    I have mad envy for your beer & shade. Think of me & drink one for me--we laugh with hysterical dread when they issue heat advisories. That heat index of 107 all last week? Yeah, that was me, cooking on the bow of our electrofishing boat, ripping my shoulders out of the socket hauling in 20-lb bowfin & catfish, uggghhh. Although, the fact that so much sweat was pouring off me, I drank 5 L of water in 7 hours & never had to pee, & looked like someone might as well have been pouring buckets of water over me, was at least a distraction from angry shoulder protests. I was supposed to be doing my PT in the evenings, but I decided netting torture counted!!

  7. Blogger ate my comment! I will try again:

    You just reminded me that I have the perfect excuse for bringing alcohol to the barn: Lily! Especially given how hot and humid it's been around her. Because beer is good for horses with (former) sweating issues. ;)

    I'm still hopping up and down with joy that you loved the drawing so much! My post on my Straight Shot Metal goodies is in the works. I love love love everything you made for me. All of them! Thank you, again!

  8. Love the new charms. I can’t wait to get mine :)

  9. Love the charms! I am so glad that I now have another SSM piece in my hands :) Can't wait to see more pics of that amazing sketch!

  10. I love the feather & spike/spear charm ♡♡♡