Oh Hell Yeah.

While there actually is a Wintec running martingale residing somewhere in my garage/auxiliary tack room, I've opted not to put it on Archie.  I'll probably regret this decision once I look like Owen Wilson's love child and I will give you all free rein to mock me.  My thoughts run something like this:  three steps out of a thousand, he explodes.  I don't feel like that's enough to put something on him that may or may not piss him off even more.  Fortunately, other than being a little tense, the big guy has been pretty good for our past few rides.

And here's a link to a super-timely and informative post on explosive ponies.  Horse Nation, are you reading my blog?

Which brings me to my excitement:


Pretty damn good, if I say so myself.
Oh, yes.  My majestic thoroughbred and I have finally entered the realm of three beats.  And even though he broke a half dozen times to the trot tracking left, he was game to pick it up again and again.  And tracking right?  Absolutely no problems!  It was like... we hadn't spent six months not doing it.

I have video, which is pretty hilarious.  The fence post was my videographer and I've edited it down to "when we're actually in the frame, doing more than walking", so you don't get to see that initially, my thigh was in perfect clarity.  And then the lens stuck at that focus, waiting patiently for me to return.  (Which is to say:  not a goddamn thing is in focus.) (enjoy)

I'd like to thank my SupraFlex Beta 3 vest, my half-Xanax, my arthritic old man, and the weeks and weeks of slow conditioning that brought us to this moment.

*If you don't know why this is a big deal, go back to this post.

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  1. I like the last label the best, lol. Yay for cantering. I can't wait till I can just work my horses without worrying about how much time I've been going and what they can handle...

  2. As my trainer would say 'he's pissed off, that's too bad!' Which is true about a lot of things, spoilt ponies.

    Anyways he's your horse do what you want lol

  3. Yay unfocused cantering! Glad that he's slowly coming back into action.

  4. Helllz yeah! Congrats on such successful rides! You are definitely a BAMF

  5. I missed that article on Horse Nation -- thanks for sharing!

  6. Fuck yeah, intentional cantering!

  7. I thought the blur was sort of arty and you do art, so I just assumed it was intentional. ;-)


  8. yay!!!!! canter like ya mean it!!!

  9. Woot woot cantering! Blurry smurry - you look great!!