Poles for Days.

I had a dream the other night that I was riding Archie in a lesson with my trainer from Augusta.  And I started crying because it was a jump lesson and only one fence was a crossrail.  The rest were set to three-feet, with fill, and she wouldn't lower them.

I take melatonin to help me sleep, which means that occasionally I have cracked out dreams.

Part of this is probably related to the fact that I have never gone this long without jumping.  Even with our plans for fitness completely derailed by heat (you really can't ask a horse to sustain a canter for a long period of time while said horse is swimming), I still plan on doing our first cross rail in about ...oh... ten days.

This.  This was over a year ago.
We've introduced canter poles, which I compacted a little bit because I want him to rock back for the second pole.  We did canter poles/walk/canter poles a few times on Sunday, when it was still blistery warm.  The same person who was surprised at how long I was taking to condition him then commented on how worn out he looked.  Whatever.  Last night, I decided to incorporate the trot poles, too.  So it was a loop around the trot poles, come back around cantering, do the canter poles, come back around to the trot poles.  Woo.

My husband, who has been oozed in affection this week, is a gorgeous man.  (WTF, where did this tangent come from?)  In 2012, he lost a hundred pounds.  In 2013, we started going to the gym together.  In 2014, he started working with a nutritionist and trainer.  And in 2015, he'll be doing his first physique competition.  We're eight weeks out.  So what does this have to do with ponies?

Hubs has to work out twice a day, six days a week, until he competes.  Fasted cardio and then weights and cardio.  This means that our new schedule (for Saturdays, at least), is for us to wake up early, me to drop him off at the gym near the barn, ride, and pick him back up.  Then a few hours later, we'll go to the gym together.  This ensures that if the weekdays are shit with too hot weather, I still have the weekends.

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  1. What! Good for you guys. That is amazing! Seriously.
    I love canter poles, they have been a life saver my Pal.

  2. Wow hubby!!! That's awesome!

  3. Dream team ;)

    Melatonin totally messes with my dreams too. I actually stopped taking it for awhile because of my dreams.

  4. sounds like the perfect schedule for getting stuff done! and i bet Archie is gonna be so pumped to jump again too :)

  5. Wow physique competitions?!?! Good job hubs!!

  6. Good for you working out and riding in the same day and big congrats to your husband for losing all that weight. That is really a great accomplishment. :)


  7. Such a kick ass team & only severely intimidating *gulp* ;-)

  8. 100lbs?! Man, that is awesome!!!