All the Pretty Things.

This is like a month over due, which is totally my fault. The shop is doing surprisingly well and when I'm not soaking/spraying/administering drugs or beating little itty bitty letters into metal, I'm working with the hubs on an unmentionable "life project."  Spoiler: we're not making babies.  

Custom Art

Saiph (the southerner in me immediately wants to say, "bless her heart") contacted me a while ago about getting some things from the shop.  She gave colors and impressions and laid the foundation for the items I created.  In lieu of payment, I asked for a barter.  Because y'all have seen me draw.  

And ever since she drew this sketch of Liz, I've had the wants.

The entryway into my house.
It says "Beka and Archie" on it.
I can't replicate my reaction and thank god no one was in my kitchen when I opened this.  I gave her some photos and the idea that I wanted to bring to visual life the experience we had galloping on the trail ride from hell.  She absolutely nailed Archie's personality, his muscles, even his little blue bell boots.  She even asked if I wanted my helmet in the drawing, because I am the helmet nazi.  I said no.

This is bigger than real life.
Saiph also asked for a photo of my half-sleeve.  I told her that she didn't have to go that in depth, but sent her one anyways.  So here's some fucking reference, because I am just... amazed.

I can't even imagine trying to fit all those little swirlies just so and getting it so completely right.  I would have gone cross-eyed.  So, needless to say, I took a photo of it with my iPhone and sent it to just about everyone that I knew.  I'm overwhelmed by the details, from the tattoo to the blue watch that my husband gave me for our third anniversary, to my square jaw line (I've always been strangely proud of my square jaw), to my blue eyes. I mean, come on.  Think of the other bloggers you know.  Then think of their eye colors.  I rest my case.

Saiph offers custom pet portraits for purchase.  I can't say enough about the quality of her work. 

Custom Cover

The second amazing thing to slam into my feels was an impromptu gift from Nicole.  Er.. another Nicole.  She left a message on my blog that she saw some fabric that made her think of me/the blog/the pony.  I would have been keen on just a square of fabric, even though I can't sew a straight line, but she made me this:

The lines are all perfect and the pattern really, truly is us:

Arrows in mint, are you KIDDING ME?!
I squeed like a little girl when I opened it because I absolutely wanted a pretty saddle cover.  One day, I'll even have a pretty saddle because this is so much nicer than the grandma Collegiate.  (I love you, Collegiate, shhhh).

Nicole is a boss seamstress because this saddle cover fits like a glove and covers all the nooks and crannies perfectly.  I need her to open an Etsy shop of her own, so I can get a matching everything.

I have an enormous fear of getting it dirty.  My hands get wiped with OCD passion on my (probably dirty) breeches prior to touching it.  The fabric is super sturdy, so I know it would survive in the wash. Still.  It's so pretty and so well made - I'm thinking it needs a monogram and some scotchguard and to be lovingly caressed each time I touch my saddle.

Custom Brush

The third beautiful thing to hit my world was a brush.  You may have already seen it on Hillary's blog.  I was looking on Etsy for a custom brush maker and fell in love with some of the other pieces that this artist did.

And then after perusing her site, I realized that she was local.  So, yes, there are two artistic equestrians living in Savannah and now they know each other.  I found her price really reasonable and all I did was send her the invitation to Hill's wedding and give her a rough idea of what I wanted.  When I went to pick it up (yes, Hill, this is my affection for you:  I went inside a stranger's house), she showed me her studio and we talked tattoos and ponies.  I hope to feature her again, with photos of her process.

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  1. THOSE BRUSHES. I need those in my life.

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    This post made me grin from ear to ear. I had a blast drawing you and Archie, and the tattoo was my favorite part! It's such a beautiful half sleeve.

    I'm so happy you loved it! :D

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  10. That drawing Nicole did of y'all is just simply outstanding. She was sending me updates along the way and I was all, "YES. MORE YES. OH YES." I'm thrilled to hear you agree haha.

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