After the embedded clip and the swollen eye ball, we were able to get in two rides this week.  And then today.  Friday, the Kid was a little shithead and gave me grief about canter transitions, horses being fed, and the hot-shoeing farrier.  I spent some time after that ride talking with another boarder who I rarely see about the increase of riding anxiety as we age.  I felt better about life but still disappointed in Archie's responses under saddle.

And then we have today.  I set up a cross rail, got the kid, went through walk, trot and canter and then set up my iPhone to record.  I gave him no time to think about canter transitions or jumping or anything.

What makes me a little sad about this is that my brain went out the window after the first fence or so. I start laying on his neck, supermanning my legs (gotta help him fly!), and catching him in the face on the other side of the fence.  Only up from here, right?

But let's focus on this:  for the first time in over seven months, I JUMPED MY PONY!

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  1. yay!!!! he just looks like so much fun :)

  2. You jumped!!! What fun. I can totally relate to how you're feeling with all of the recent injuries given my last year with houston. But you're back at it!

  3. YAY JUMPING!!! It's your first time back in 7 months. Lay off yourself a little. ;-)

  4. Whoop whoop!! Jumping FTW!

  5. YES for jumping!!!

    Anxiety does seem to get worse as we get older; I've pondered on the same thing myself. I honestly think a big part of it (or at least, that's what it is for me) is needing our body whole to be able to go to work and thus continue to afford to keep our horses. It's not as big of a concern when we are younger, in school, and still living with our parents. Every.single.ride outside of an arena for me is a weighing of fear vs true probable outcome vs gut feeling. One bad ride can make it really hard to go out again; a succession of good rides makes it easier. I understand how it feels; it becomes an added frustration.

    So glad he gave you a good ride for jumping! :D