For Want of a Nail.

Diz lagent uns die wîlen,
ein nagel behalt ein îlen,
ein îlen ein ros,
ein ros ein man,
ein man ein burc,
der ltrîten kan.

The wise tell us that
a nail keeps a shoe,
a shoe a horse,
a horse a man,
a man, who can fight,
a castle.

I arrived home on Friday with an unexpected box in my mailbox, from Amazon and addressed to me.  I'm quite accustomed to the husband ordering random things, but always to himself so that I don't get that minute uplift of excitement.  So I sent him a text to verify and I got a "nope" in response.

In the box was a bottle of much-lamented Keratex.  I had a momentary pause of, "oh shit, did I order this?!", and then I found the little notes inside.

There was a personal note inside, but, you know, it was personal.
Unashamedly, the blogger world has left me as a little puddle on my kitchen floor on multiple occasions and this was no exception.  Life has been hard lately and I can't even pinpoint the exact cause of this difficulty, save that a bunch of little things add up and even the happy, exciting things cause stress.  So Sarah's thoughtfulness and generosity hit me extra hard and I only hope to be able to reciprocate or pay it forward.

So let's talk about Archie's feet, because the Kid finally got shoes back on yesterday after having been barefoot for two weeks.

The left column is prior to our first application of Keratex on Saturday, which says to apply daily for the first week and then weekly, to pretty much everywhere but the fleshy bits (coronet band down a few inches and frog).  The right column is from yesterday, after the farrier did his feets.  I was so enamored with the work he did, looking at his feet last night, that I kept mumbling to myself, this is the work of man who knows he's about to be fired.  Because, yeah, we were pretty much there.  But then I look at these photos today and I still think his feet look meh, so either the photos don't do the farrier's work justice or I was just a wee bit too impressed last night.  He even edged the back toes, which he never does.

In addition to the new steel shoes and the Keratex, the Kid is now coming in nights to get off the wet grass.  This ought to have started about a week ago, but the BM went out of town and as the BO accidentally let Archie get loose last time (it's happened to everyone, right?), she didn't want him responsible for moving Archie back and forth.  Then, when she came back, I guess she forgot.  So last night was his first night up.

I hopped on him for a few minutes last night, but he was so tender that we only walked for a little bit.  I'll go back tonight and paint his feet and try riding again on Wednesday.  I'm hoping he'll be a little more comfortable.  His being footsore post farrier visit isn't anything new.

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  1. <3 His feetsies do look better after the trim. Hope his tenderness subsides soon.

  2. I look forward to a no flower nonsense review of Keratex from you in the future!

  3. I hope the keratex works for you. I initially gave it glowing reviews but over time it just didn't seem to pack a real punch :(

  4. I know Sarah personally and am not at all surprised by her kindness. She's awesome that way. While I moan and groan over our horribly hot and dry weather (that lasts all year), I love what it does to our horses' feet. Wet footing can be so difficult to work around. I hope you can get Archie's feet to shape up and firm up to your satisfaction.

  5. Aw, so nice! I love how supportive the blog community can be for each other.

  6. Aren't bloggers the best?! We have such an amazing little community here.

  7. Aww yay Sarah! :-) Bloggers can be amazing.

  8. I might have to try that! I am always looking for new things to try to help with Twister's problematic tootsies.

  9. If he's still tender, and you haven't already tried it, get some Jim Rickens foot formula. That stuff is magical!

  10. oh man that is just so sweet Sarah! fingers crossed you start seeing improvements!!