Europe: Luxembourg Sans Ponies

Ponies will come tomorrow, to brighten up your weekend.

So, Luxembourg.  I wish I could do emojis!

Aoife met us immediately off the train and we proceeded to take a little bus from the train station to her apartment.  Lemme just say:  if you ever find yourself somewhere in the vicinity of France and Germany, you absolutely have to meet Aoife.  She was an amazing host and welcomed us into her house with open arms.  She's also incredibly knowledgeable and a very willing tour guide.

Lux is a great city.  From the technology to the people to the layout, everything was just amazing.  For example, she was able to purchase the bus tickets online, while sitting on the bus, which operates on a punishable honor system.

I get a little foggy on the sequence, but I think we dropped our bags and headed back downtown.  The first night, we had a great dinner at a Japanese restaurant with the best scheme ever:  everyone is $25, plus drinks.  You pick five items five times (if you make it that far) and they bring everything out in rounds.  I ordered multiples of the same things, because the food was just that good.
The bottom of my saki glass.

He's so cute.  I made him stick his hand in a random box.

A men's department store had a pet turtle.

The second day, we visited some historical sites (D loves history, and especially WWII).

The Luxembourg American Cemetery and Memorial:

And the German version:

"The dead of this cemetery admonish to peace."

People still visit these graves, seventy years later.

"An unknown German soldier."

Wolter is a family name.

I can't adequately articulate what it was like to walk amongst those very different tombstones, of seemingly different people.  It's pride and sorrow and sadness, all wrapped together, because people fought and died and the right people won.  To walk along those innumerable gravestones only enhanced a trip D and I took later.

Downtown Lux was a perfect blend of old world charm, functionality, and modern influences.


Lux berries.  I picked them off the sides of an unearth castle wall.
And I ate them.

I just couldn't.

Fun fact:  I hate shoes.  Oh, it's freezing out?  Don't care.

There was a lumber appreciation festival going on while we were there.  Showcasing all the amazing things you could do with wood.  I kept pointing out potential jumps to Aoife.  We stopped off at a little beer tent and got a local drink with a sweet syrup.  The bartender was incredibly friendly and spoke perfect English and (not to embarrass her) seemed very interested in Aoife.

The second night, Aoife had made reservations for D and me at a little restaurant downtown that offered vegetarian dishes.  It was, of course, amazing, like everything else in that city.  After A dropped us off for the bus to Frankfurt, D and I talked about how absolutely smitten we were with that city.  It was perfectly quaint and charming, but also advanced and with all the amenities.  

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  1. You caught me, i feel like a paparrazi'd celeb ;-)
    Lolz I kid, I kid.
    Your photos are breathtaking (as i knew they would be), I am so glad you both enjoyed yourselves and that I didn't scare you away with my incessant chatter. *blush*
    Funny that you got that impression of Robin Williams, I honestly thought he might play for the other team...oops!

    1. Ps in that photo with D i look like a tiny human hahahaha

  2. Ugh! Gorgeous! What great photos! Now I know how to get my spouse there-he loves the wwii stuff as well. What a dreamy place.

  3. Ugh! Gorgeous! What great photos! Now I know how to get my spouse there-he loves the wwii stuff as well. What a dreamy place.

  4. great pics - esp of the cemeteries! lux sounds awesome , as does meeting Aoife! :)

  5. Meet Aoife #goal! Looks like an incredible city, thank you for sharing your adventures with us!