More Feets.

When I got back from Europe (which I'm not so worldly yet as to not be overwhelmed by), I was super excited to see that Archie still had his magical new front shoes on.  I didn't get a chance to talk about this before we left, but the new farrier came out on that Friday before the trip.  Lemme summarize:

  • He was amazing.
  • He answered every single question I had and addressed all of my concerns.  Without getting annoyed or frustrated with me.
  • He walked me through every part of his decision-making, why he set the shoes where he did, what he thought about the toe length and the heel height and angles.  
  • Archie has a dip in his right front that has led to a stress crack.  Old farrier has let this go on for a really, really long time.  New farrier said he wanted to nip it in the bud as soon as possible (we also had a discussion about which came first, the dip in the hoof or Archie's long-standing habit of eating with his right front placed in the back position).

We got in a few short rides the first week that I was back, but they were brief because he'd been out of consistent, hard work for so long and I was battling my first cold in a really, really long time.  I went out last Saturday and discovered that the little shit had thrown that right front.  Bastard.  I immediately texted the new farrier (Saturday night - sorry!) and he told me that if we could locate the shoe (because he was out of alums), he'd swing by on Monday and reset it.  I enlisted the best helper ever and D was able to find it in about ten minutes.

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So I met with the farrier on Monday afternoon and he was super pleasant and took the time to make sure the rest of Archie's feet looked okay and that the other shoe was still solidly on.  I asked him how much I owed him and he said $10.  And then he said, nah, don't worry about.  Of course, I'm going to include it on the next visit.  And now I have a sound pony again!
Lightened from an underexposed video.

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  1. Did D have a metal detector? How did he locate that shoe so easily?! Amazeballs *bow-down*
    Knowing how excited you are about farriery & ability to ask question, I prob shouldn't have changed my girls foot trimming from the day you were here to the next day. Think of the missed question opportunities! I am sure I would have learned so much more! I never think of questions in the moment *sigh*

    1. Oops forgot to say how happy I am that new farrier is so awesome and that Archie is rideable again - Woohoo!!!!!

  2. New farrier sounds like a KEEPER!!! Never let him go!

  3. Yay for new helpful, pleasant, responsive farrier, and for finding lost shoes!

  4. New farrier for the win! Can he come look through my fields for shoes? I'm sure there are a half dozen out there just chilling invisibly. :)

  5. How awesome! Glad to hear you have a good farrier!

  6. Oh yay love new farrier!! He sounds great.

    Also, does D have any idea how impossible a feat he just pulled off? That man is remarkable.

  7. Happy you have a great new farrier :) They are worth their weight in gold!

  8. So nice to have a farrier that will give you the time of day!

  9. There's nothing quite like a solid dependable (and good!) farrier! Glad Archie is in good hands!

  10. Hell yeah. So happy things are finally resolved