We Survived.

After a day delay, I'm back at work and chugging along.  A million people have asked me about the trip and I've regurgitated the same things, which I'm going to repeat here.  This is just a I'm-still-alive post and I'll provide details ad nauseum as soon as I feel human again.

  • Europe was amazing.
  • In addition to all the required stops, we visited a concentration camp (Dachau) and two cemeteries from WWII.  Those meant more than the rest.
  • I did indeed ride ponies with Aoife and that was amazing and she's amazing and the facility was just enormous and well-tended.  That's a post unto itself.
  • I hit almost 110 mph driving a German six-speed SUV on the Autobahn.
  • We had dinner one night in a little hole-in-the-wall restaurant in Paris, where the chef cooked in view and there were less than a dozen other patrons.  We'd been in contact with the cook for about a week prior to make sure he would be willing to accommodate my vegetarianism.
  • I only gained about five pounds and I'm pretty sure that's just pain du chocolat, kindereggs, and beer and wine.
  • I took over two thousand photos.  You can expect a shit-ton of photos when I finally break all this down.  Just not in this post.
  • We both got tattoos.  Afterwards, we applauded our abilities to not pass out, as each tattoo was the worst pain we'd ever experienced.  Considering how much I've had done, this is saying something.
  • We still managed to eat Mexican.  Twice.

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  1. Dachau. There really are just no words to describe that place. All the camps are absolutely horrifying, but so important to visit, I think. Glad your trip was amazing!

  2. I'm super jealous of your life right now

  3. "We still managed to eat Mexican. Twice."

    ROFL. That would be me.

  4. Oh god.. euro mexican. I am sorry.

  5. Where was this very painful tattoo done? Can't wait to see pics!

  6. I cannot wait to see pictures and read the blow-by-blows of your epic trip of awesomeness.
    Hope you feel like yourself asap, I'm so glad you enjoyed your trip.
    I lol'd at your ability to find Mexican eateries, I didn't bring you to Mexican in Luxy as i figured I'd be awful compared to what you guys can get Stateside

  7. sounds so amazing - can't wait for all the pics and details!!!

  8. Your tattoo is sooo awesome. Sounds like a great trip :)