Europe: Frankfurt und Füssen

Back to our regularly scheduled program.  After this, two more Europe posts:  the top of Germany/Austria, and Munich.

So, when last we left off, we'd left Aoife in Luxembourg and taken a bus to Frankfurt.

In Frankfurt, we'd arranged a car rental.  Autobahn, you know.  The plan was for a little Audi hatchback and D had spent a lot of time looking at the various cars before picking that one.  So when we checked in for our rental, they gave us a German SUV instead. Ein Opel Mokka.

Since D doesn't drive a manual with any frequency, it fell to me to drive.  We were already a wee bit stressed out and those first few miles of driving a foreign car in a foreign country weren't exactly the most enjoyable.  (Sidenote:  stressed Beka is a ginormous bitch.  File that away somewhere.)  D had already programmed our GPS for the German maps and added all our stops.

After getting the car, we almost immediately pulled over and parked.  Got a nice breakfast in Frankfurt before wandering the marketplace and a clock shop.  Frankfurt was a beautiful little city and I'm so glad that I made it a priority, because I was born there.  We didn't live in Frankfurt, I think we lived in Wiesbaden, but I was an emergency cesarean and Frankfurt had the closest military hospital.  Mom likes to tell stories about how it was under attack at the time.  Anyways, it was important to me and I'm glad we did it.

Saw a dude legitimately sweeping the sidewalk with this broom.

Horse butt.

No idea.

We had a pretty sizeable quantity of goods shipped back - three cuckoo clocks, a smoker and a nutcracker, and some odds-and-ends.  

This cuckoo was out of our budget.  By a lot.
We picked up the magical little SUV (going to import one!) and started our drive to a castle outside of Frankfurt, Schloß Johannisburg in Aschaffenburg.  It's weird to think that I went there as a kid, but we totally did.

While we were there, they were celebrating and had a little festival going on.  Tried some local Apple wine, Apfelweine.

I'm just gonna retire here, thanks.
The river Main.

Castor and Pollux, twin sons of Jupiter, leading ponies?
 After Aschaffenburg, we drove to Füssen.  At this point, I'm feeling pretty damn awesome about driving in Germany.  I wish, wish, wish we drove like that here.  We checked into a little hotel and ate dinner in the restaurant.  I had my first Radler, which is another thing I wish we did.  They mix soda with beer and it's freaking delicious, without getting you quite as shit-faced.

The point of going to Füssen was to go to another castle, Schloß Neuschwanstein.  I'm not into history, but this castle was amazing.  Unfortunately, photos aren't allowed inside.  I can tell you that swans are a big fucking deal to Ludwig II and that this castle is the famous "fairy tale" castle.  He designed it with theater in mind and it showed all over the place.  Also, it had flushing toilets.

It was about a thirty minute walk up this hill and some people would take the carriages instead. Ponies had little studs on the back parts of their shoes.

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  1. Aww, I remember that square in Frankfurt. I spent 2 weeks there a few years ago. Loved it! In the red light district, there is a brothell with a life size Spider-Man figure that looks like it has jumped out the window and is crawling down the side of the building. So glad you got to experience Frankfurt!

  2. Saw the Grateful Dead in Frankfurt. (ages ago) Lucky you getting to drive in Deutchland!! We took trains - which were great - but god forbid you are 1 second late.

    What is that food? Looks tasty. :D And possibly not pork related? I'm vegetarian and lived on beer and pretzels during my stay.

    Looking forward to the next installment...

  3. obviously i love the carriage horses - but seriously this post made me want a beer haha

  4. Ponies, ponies wherever we go! They find me on vacation too ;) My husband just shook his head in Mexico while we were having cervecas in the sand at a beach front dive in the middle of no where when "Cappucino" the pony came trotting down the shore. These pics are amazing, I love the idea of Apfelweine.

  5. It sounds so awesome, I am glad everything went well with the car collection and that you enjoyed driving in Germany.
    I have not been to those places but now think I must visit those castles ♡

    The little studs on the shoes aren't the same as the removable/replaceable ones used for jumping/xc. I used to have these on Kika's shoes when she wore them, the shoe is made with these tiny bumps and they help the horses get traction when walking on cement roads/pathways.