All About Archer.

When last we left off, pony was crippled.

No thanks, Mom, not today.
Haha, still crippled.

Here's the timeline from recent events:
  • November 3rd:  Archie's right front pastern is injected for his ringbone.
  • November 7th-8th: Archie gets ridden lightly on trails and in a pasture, very little trot.
  • November 9th:  Archie rips off his right front shoe and embeds a nail.  I begin abscess treatment.

This is my new favorite tape.
  • November 11th:  Archie is notably more gimpy and the vet examines him.  Told to continue abscess treatment for five more days.  I no longer need sleep or money and my transformation to a robot is almost complete.
This is my life.
  • November 12th:  Gets shoe back on, noticeably more sound.
  • November 15th:  Finish abscess treatment.
  • November 16th - 18th:  Rains.
  • November 19th:  Short ride, off at the trot.  Same for the next three days.  Solidly sound at the walk, so we just mostly walk.
  • November 23rd:  Decide to give him some time in the hopes that his foot is just a little sore.  Periodically checking his soundness for mere strides (because circles are verboten!) in the roundpen.  
  • November 25th:  Text vet, schedule for Monday, November 30th.
  • November 30th:  Vet immediately diagnoses a brewing abscess and an infection.  After shooting a couple rads, he digs out a giant hunk of hoof.  Archie goes on SMZs, bute, and we're back to wrapping for the next seven to ten days, with soaking for only the first three.  Silicone pour-ins are suspended for a shoeing cycle, so that hoof can breathe.
This is our new hole.  I've dubbed it the "Glory Hole Cavern", mainly because that is a place near here and it's been a pain in my butt.
In the "things that do not suck" aspect of my life:  Big G is still awesome and he now greets me in the pasture (mostly due to the profuse dispension of carrots), there have been a shit ton of new boarders at the barn and I think I've clicked with a couple of them (miss you, C!  And OR!  And TE!).  And!  An Instagrammer (@Julesatthebarn) turned into a blogger, so you should go introduce yourself: Kickin' Sand in the Croatan.

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  1. I know some people don't really like this method of treatment, but I found it works wonders for my horse so I thought I would mention it: When Fiction gets an abscess, my farrier digs the smallest of holes, drains it, flushes it with iodine/cleans it, etc, then nails the shoe back on with a pad. No additional work. Horse is sound the next day, and I have never experienced a relapse with the abscess. No idea if it would work for you or Archie, but I just thought I would share since he seems prone to them :)

    Sorry for how tough November was/is!

  2. Rough time with arch man lately! In abscess land I have always wrapped with the Epsom poultice, diapers, and duct tape. You have way more experience than me right now though.

    I'm glad big guy has been loving all of the carrots!

  3. Phewf! Glad it was an abscess, fingers and good thoughts for a speedy recovery :)

  4. Someone needs to explain to Archie that you don't have him because you want a deep and personal relationship with his vet. This is all starting to feel very parent-trap-y.

  5. oh man, c'mon Archie - no more holes, glorious or otherwise :(

  6. I am hoping and praying and lighting candles that 2016 is a million times better for you when it comes to Archie's health. My heart breaks for you with all that you have been through this year with him.

  7. I'm so sorry babes. Memo to Archie's feet: c'mon mates. Get it together & give R a break

  8. I say we go in together and send the vet & his wife out on a date night. I'll baby-sit the boys. Between you & me, I think we're going to put them through college. And, I miss you, too--nobody out here has enough snarky cynicism.

  9. Hopefully this year santa fixes your pony's feet for you! I think you've had about enough hoof troubles for your life time!

  10. Oh, Archie - stop! Although I have come to appreciate nice open draining holes (there's no way to make that sound right...) because they mean healing.

    Glad you can have fun with "new" pony -- those dang walkers seem to have some kind of "never break" magic (although let's not even talk about stifles, since Dr. Bob is bringing his ultrasound out to have a discussion with Encore tomorrow, unghmnggdhg). Sounds like he's got some good buttons, those are fun to play with!!

  11. You've had a HELL of a time. Drinks all around?