Europe: Munich, Germany

Just when you hoped it was over...

I feel like we were in Munich for ever.  We rented a little studio apartment with about a hundred and twenty five steps up (I counted).  It was tiny and quaint and we both slept like shit until I took the pillows off the couch and added them to the bed.  This qualifies for #firstworldproblems, right?

Given the state of the past eighteen months or so, I am no longer a light weight (two-fold).  But the magical beer in Munich set me on my ass.  There's not much to talk about, other than I got really drunk and tried to make friends and everyone spoke English and was seemingly delighted to speak English.  I can just tell you that we still went to the grocery store regularly and still binged on European chips.  Food over there is magical!  I probably ate my weight in kindereggs, which is why it's doubled.

And the photos, all the photos:

And then we found out the pretzels weren't free.

A much nicer sterling silver version of the bracelets I offer.  It's the German in me?

I saw these in the grocer and lost my shit.
Little apartment, giant kinderegg, French subtitles (I think?).

I didn't expect Oktoberfest to be like a carnival.

Just a loose weiner. 
We went on one ride.  I've immortalized it for you.

And from the actual beer tent:

Americanization everywhere, including on this dude's "Duff" shirt. (Brewery from the Simpson's.)  People would stand on the tables, chugged their beers to a chorus, and then get escorted out.

All the beards.  All the plaid.  Actual Germans.

I love my camera, but obviously this was taken after a little while.  Goofy blitzed.

He's so happy.  We were on our third stein.

Canadian that I made friends with.  Not sure why he hasn't accepted my friend request........ :)

His wife!

The look of fear that a drunken American woman with a camera instills in a strange man's face.  
Why didn't I buy this?

Hummels.  Because German.

 And the tattoo...

Prepping for ink.
I told him that his birthday gift was a hot chick leaning all over him.

Not gonna lie, almost died. 

Ludwig II's papi.
 And the tack store...

All the colors, all the options.

I freaking loved these boots.

And more Germany..

Surfing a river.

European ducks.

Mexican food.

Carriage ponies.  Always.

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  1. Wow. So jealous. This trip looks like it was simply amazing.

  2. The mexican food threw me for a loop! Now I want to go to germany!

  3. Wow, amazing! Your tattoo is intense!!!!

  4. When I was in Paris I watched the little mermaid in german, so french subtitles in germany sounds about right.

  5. Sounds epic!
    Surfing in the river looks cool - i wanna try!

  6. so many great pictures! i could definitely go for some oktoberfest beer now and one of those pairs of floral boots !

  7. Loose weiners, tattoos, good times, & ponies when you sober up. Def my kinda trip. BTW that tapestry in the Mexican restaurant was awesome.

  8. The food over there is amazing! Everything just tastes better and fresher. I always found it frustrating when I went there as people wanted to practice their english with me, and I so badly wanted to speak German. It lent to some interesting interactions.