One Year Later.

On December 9th, 2014, Archie was kicked in the leg.  My little monster continues to be the asshole Alpha, so this was neither a learning experience nor a blow to his ego.  Just, you know, a shitty situation.

Wound treatment required that I change the bandage every other day or so and I kept his hind legs wrapped for the duration.  We bonded a lot in those twice-a-day visits.  I mean, alcohol and I bonded a lot and the old man barely tolerated me.  We had a couple bouts of shaving off proud flesh and a shit ton of texts to the vet.  Archie was wrapped until the very end of February, when the skin itself started to rebel.  This then turned into cellulitis, which we dealt with for another couple of weeks.

Initial injury.
I popped all my sutures, Mom!

Cellulitis, end of February
By mid-March, I was finally back in the saddle.  Then we had a myriad of other fun and exciting things that kept us out of the saddle, but fortunately none had anything to do with the leg injury.

Because I love data, here's some data on number of rides per month:

And here's the update from last night:

I think the cellulitis scars are going to be permanent (to quote my vet, "Chicks dig scars.").  But the initial wound healed nicely and he's been sound on it.  There's a little bump, but I'm sure that'll be absorbed eventually.

And tonight:

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  1. You survived one tough battle with sanity in check. Way to go! And yay riding! :)

  2. What a year you've had, may you have many more between the ears photos to share in the days, months and years to come!

  3. It was a long heal. I felt so bad for you! But things are looking up!

  4. That ended up healing really nicely!

  5. Well, we do dig a few scars. Glad it healed so well, and even more glad to see you getting to ride him.

  6. three cheers for making it through with both sanity AND horse intact!


    This update brought to you by coffee.

  8. I'm so glad Archie has healed up and you're back in the saddle!

  9. Lets hope the worst is behind you, fingers crossed for a better 2016

  10. I forgot how bad it looked, great job managing it!!

  11. All healed up and looking like a tough guy!