Tattoo Tuesday

I have a lot of ink.  I have a tiny bit of disposable income, even after injections and car payments and "paying myself", and a supportive hubs who thinks tats are hot.  At this point in my inked life, it's not a big thing for me to think on a random night downtown, "Hey, let's go see if the Tattooer is free."

Normally, I have things already percolating in my head.  General ideas.  Where I'm going with a certain body part.  I can easily tell you the next ten tattoos I'd like to get*, but I've got time.

 So while downtown on NYE, we visited my little tattoo shop and I scheduled for the next day.

It's been sitting on my brain since Archie was shunted into partial retirement, this tattoo of a jumping horse on my left leg.  And how much it hurts.  And so I got "verboten", which is German for forbidden.  Granted I'm not forbidden from jumping other horses (which is what a barn friend immediately said), the tattoo isn't other horses.  The tattoo was my declaration that I would keep jumping the Archer even after I fell off and broke my ass.

Still a bit gooey.
When you can't wear tall boots and breeches.  I wish breeches were as awesome as these workout capris.

Could I have left my socks off for a little longer before taking awkward under-the-desk photos?  Sure.  But I didn't!
This might be a somewhat-weekly-as-the-mood-hits series.  Because I still have a few tattoos to introduce to y'all.

*In no particular order:  octopus on right ribcage to compliment seahorse on left, peacock feather on left calf, day of the dead owl somewhere, piertotum locomotor somewhere, a realistic heart with "betty jean" on it, profiles of my best bitches (left thigh?), a cameo with a cockatiel on my right calf (rip, gray ghost), finishing my sleeve, blue/gray roses (filler on left leg?), and maybe a creepy skeletal pony to compliment the skeletal owl.

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  1. ** Galaxy elephant on right arm... my first "real" large tattoo. Eeep!

    Love your new one.

  2. I LOVE tattoos and I have 5. SO true that theres like ten or so in my "someday" pile. Love it!

  3. Awesome Beka!! Do you have German heritage?

  4. I love it! Also, you CAN wear your workout pants as breeches! My roomie did it last year and I made MERCILESS fun of her. But then a month or so later when I was busy running from place to place and didn't want to change out of my workout pants I just jumped on in tall boots. Works basically the same!!

  5. Wunderba!
    Ich liebe es - like so much!!! I still haven't gotten my new one, I need to find a good tattooist here *sigh* #lackoftimeproblems

  6. I'm a little jealous of your tattoo adventures. I spent years contemplating mine (I was terrified I'd change my mind and hate it...commitment problems anyone?) and don't foresee getting another one

  7. it turned out beautifully! great word choice too