Buying All The Things.

I'm going to have a special "breeches" edition, thanks to helpful prompts from L and Amanda.

Okay, we all know that Ogilvy has a well-deserved cult following.  I do not negate that their half pads are the things that dreams are made of.  And after almost biting the proverbial "submit" bullet multiple times, I acknowledged that it wasn't a necessary purchase for us right now.  There are tattoos and injections and craft brews and races to buy, right?

So I went to Etsy to look for alternatives.  This is normal, right?  Other people do this?

I found a lady who sold comparable custom memory foam half pads of the same volume fill for about $75 less.  I read her reviews, looked through all of her options, and then started stalking strangers on Instagram until I could find someone who had the half-pad I wanted.

Convinced that her product was legit and a worth-while investment, I sent her a custom order for a dressage half-pad, which she didn't automatically offer.  Four weeks later, I finally got my grubby paws on this thing.

Overexpose much?
Oh well.
Surprise, color!

Don't consider this a review post, because I've only ridden in it once.  #fuckhorseshoes

But here are some details:

  • Half-pads are $125.
  • Additional covers are $75.
  • Embroidery cost $15
  • Shipping (to me) cost $16+
  • Estimated time was 3-4 weeks and she shipped exactly four weeks after I ordered, but she did come up with the design just for me.  I told her that I was particular about having sufficient wither clearance, which is why I wanted one shaped for a dressage saddle and not AP/jumping.
  • Her shop is here: ChestnutMareCrafts

On the same day that my cushy goodness arrived, I received an order from the Herbal Horse.  She'd had a St. Paddy's Day special and I jumped at the 20% off.  As always, everything smelled amazing and was shipped perfectly.  I can't believe that I introduced her shop so freaking long ago (11/2014!).  Success looks good on her!

She knows me.

Archie took it upon himself to make sure I had a use for the Heal Quick.  And I slathered my hair in some Healthy Hair that night.  I want to get a review of the lip tint, but when I've got decent light going on.

I have no idea.  Insect-related, though, as I pulled  a freaking tick off after scrubbing his face.

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  1. Oooo I love the color choices! Very nice! I have a very strong feeling against ticks. Stupid assholes.

  2. That half pad looks really nice. I really want one, but I need to actually get a shimmable pad instead so I've kept myself from buying necessary things. But still, I want one. I love your colors too!

  3. That half pad is very lovely. I can't wait to hear how it performs.

  4. I'm super tempted to buy additional covers from her because they are cheaper than Ogilvy's!

  5. I've thought about getting a knock off Ogilvy, will definitely be waiting for your full review! I just purchased my first Herbal Horse products and I am in complete love! I want one of each now!

  6. Love the colors! NEED to try the Herbal Horse!

  7. oooh, over exposed or not those colors are fabulous!! i love the heal quick stuff too and need to order moar lol

  8. I've heard such great things about Herbal Horse and can't believe that I haven't tried any of their stuff! That's going on my wishlist now.

  9. Also interested to see/hear more of the Fauxgilvy. I've tried a couple knock-off covers and they both were ultimately too thin and flimsy and haven't held their shape well. I keep hoping one will come along that is a decent copy.

  10. It looks awesome, I love the colours and cannot wait to hear what yourself and Archie make of it ☺

  11. The pad looks lovely, but especially thanks for the info on The Herbal Horse! Great looking products, I must get some of that lip balm, awaiting your review, though I may be too impatient.

  12. I just bought a custom saddle pad from The Chestnut Mare a week or two ago. Seriously debated about the half pad too, but didn't give in because of the cost and not being sure if it was worth it. I'll be very interested in knowing how the half pad works for you.

  13. The pad is so pretty! I need one!