Peach Fuzz.

Archie's little bald patches have filled in, seemingly overnight.  I feel much better about my poor pony and I'll feel semi-better once his coat bleaches out like normal and we can forget this little skin blip.

I wanted to share some of the products I've been smothering him in over these past few weeks.  My farrier even commented, "You're putting something else on him now?!"  Yeah.  Yeah, I am.

Of course a close-up shot of the repaired hair would make too much sense.
I feel like everyone already uses this stuff, but just in case:

Heavy Hitters

  • Chlorhexidine scrub.  I've spoken about the magic of this stuff before, but, essentially, it's a medical grade cleaning agent.  Your vet uses it.  Your doctor uses it.  Sometimes, it's green.  It can be a wound treatment and a surgical scrub.  It's magical and still somehow gentle.  You can also get it as a spray, which I prefer, but which third-party charges waayyyyy too much for.
  • Malaseb Shampoo.  Everyone who's come within three inches of a horse knows about this stuff, right?  Specifically for fungal infections.  Also has chlorhexidine in it.
  • Random spray bottle.  On cold days, rather than bathing the Kid, I would scrub his scabs with a diluted Malaseb.  Spray, scrub, sit, rinse (another spray bottle), towel and done.

The Soothers

  • Sore No More The Sauce.  Most people use this for feet (I think?), but one of the labeled uses is as an anti-fugal.  So I would spritz Archie's bald patches with this.  I remember Hillary talking about this stuff and loving it, and I vaguely remember buying something Sore No More.  I thought I'd just bought the Gelotion (which we blew through), so I was pretty excited to find this in the nether regions of my tack trunk, expired or not.
  • Old Spray Bottle.  I wasn't sure if Sore No More uses colored bottles as a brand image or if the tint helps preserve the contents.  To err on the side of caution, I used an old trial-sized bottle of It's A Ten (which is effing amazing, too) because spraying on skin is a lot easier than squirting.
  • EQyss Marigold Spray. Because I wanted to and you know that skin is tender and ouchie.
  • The Herbal Horse Fungus Amongus.  Because obviously everything else just isn't enough.  Hills kindly donated some of her extra to the old pony and I really, really believe it's helped grow the hair (I can't speak to the elimination of the rain rot, because we pretty much killed that with the medications). I slathered him up and two days later, we had some awesome hair growth.  I've started to put it on his cellulitis scar, which is probably just wishful thinking.

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  1. That's a lot of products. I don't think I even own that many body treatments. I'm glad his hair is all growing back though.

    1. I guess I should have clarified: one medical product and one soothing product each time I saw him. So I didn't use everything every day. 😁

  2. My barn just bought stock in Malaseb shampoo as blankets are finally able to come off for more than two seconds and some of the ponies are showing off some gross skin they picked up over the winter.

  3. These are some definite things to stock in my cupboard this year! Glad it working!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Malasab, ahhhh for when your horse needs $30 shampoo to get ride of the crud. Very familiar. I love marigold spray, pretty sure it does nothing but you can smell your horse a mile away...akin to clothes freshly laundered in Gain. Can't get enuf, so yummy.

  6. That must have been a really bad case of rain rot... Whatever works, right??

  7. Yay!!! I am happy that the HH Fungus Amongus was helpful :)

  8. so glad he's growing back and feeling better!

  9. That's an impressive arsenal! Very glad his hairs are growing back :) I need to try some of your techniques for Dino's horrendous looking skin and coat... he's got the most hellacious rubs and missing hair from some kind of weird scrape or fungus he got over the winter... bleh.

  10. I actually have never heard of Mesalab...but fungus is not really an issue out here. I just bought my first herbal horse products, can't wait to try them out!