I sincerely appreciate everyone who's reached out since my last post.  It feels like a lot of us really do have more in common than just ponies, albeit something we wish we didn't.  I'm excited to see how this little project goes and how it affects him.  I can't thank you enough.

I have some things up my sleeves that I want to share, but they all require more pre-work on my end and I'm just not there yet.  Metal.  Wood.  Fabric.  Vinyl.  We're gonna talk about all my favorite things, eventually.  And a barn story, as soon as the horse it's about leaves the property.

In the meantime:

I bought Archie the fancy, patterned SMB boots that I saw on Riding Warehouse.  Thanks, Amanda, for sharing that place with the world, as I have yet another package due to me next week. Back to the boots, though, it was sorta funny and sorta introspective.  I'd bought a pair of mediums because I'd tried Big G's on Archie (larges) and they were huge.  So I'm trying to put these mediums on at the vet visit and suddenly I'm asking for opinions and help and I'm then surrounded by fellow equestrians, essentially thrusting all shapes and sizes of SMBs at me.  Offering opinions, offering guidance.  It was incredible and it was only possible because I acknowledged that I sucked at something and was willing to ask for help.  So I sent the smediums back and got a set of large and they are beautiful.

And Big G's owner has started a blog.  It's a virus.  We infect other equestrians and they share their stories.  So, go read and introduce yourself to the kind woman enabling my TWH experiences.  Her blog is here:  All Aboard My Ford.

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  1. I wish that had a need for those kind of boots. I would totally put them on Sydney just for fun. Except the other problem is finding boots big enough to fit her tree trunk legs...

  2. I love those boots!! Too bad they don't come small enough for my pony

  3. Gotta love the blogging community :)

  4. Eeeek! Those boots look so cute on him!! I love the horsey tribe:) I, too, have found that being honest about not knowing something in the horse world is actually quite refreshing. Because we don't know everything! Why do horse people always act like we do?! Letting your guard down (even about boots:)) is genuine and transparent. We need more of that.

  5. ooooh those are some fancy boots!