Buying All the Things: Breeches

A few weeks ago, L sent me a link to Tuffrider breeches in neon on sale at Tack of the Day.  I guess I should back up and make sure two facts are established:  1) I love Tuffrider and 2) I have an intense and burning love for colorful breeches, which has only been fueled by Hillary and Amanda's gift of neon Tuffrider breeches in peach.  Must finish the collection.

tiny arrows.
So, anyways, I had to get the blue.  And whoops, there was another pair of fantastic breeches in an amazing pattern and I had to get them, too.

I mean, I'm ready for my mint julep and stroll under the live oaks, you know?

Also silicone grippies.
Is Equine Couture the older sister to Tuffrider?  Because this shit looks identical.  I will say that I have never before experienced saggy crotch until these.

Awkward photos are the best.

And then Amanda sent me a link to a post on English Riding Apparel and I had to buy those breeches, too.

My BM and I spent some time discussing the purpleish knee patches, because that's magic.

You know what?  It's been a little while since I dyed breeches and my purple pair finally succumbed to the giant crotch hole of doom.  RIP, purple pair.  So lemme post on ERA for some cheap breeches that I can dye.

More Tuffriders.
But I had the wrong dye for polyester.  :(
Cotton Sigmas, will eventually be dyed.  Purple?
These are more cotton Tuffriders.  I dyed.  Supposed to be navy with pink starbursts, but blue plus pink equals purple.  Dusty purple.  No complaints.

And then let me follow the link one of the responders sent me for cheap breeches on HorseLoverz...

You couldn't pick your breeches, so here are some random "Tagg" breeches.

With jod bottoms?  No elastic, no velcro, just boot cut randomness.
I'm 99% sure that these are men's, what with the pleats...

and the giant butt pocket.
I'm going to try to exchange them, because who the fuck sends out new breeches with a repair?  I don't care if they cost $16.
Bottom line:  I've amassed a few more breeches in a short amount of time.  Whoops.

Carly recommended I size up on the cheap Ashleys, so I went up, up.  The tye dye breeches are a 32.
But the cheap black breeches are a 34.

And both of these are 32.
Too much booty in my pants.

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  1. TuffRider and Equine Couture are both part of JPC... so that's why they seem similar!

  2. You have so many breeches! Also kudos to our internet wife Amanda bc she chipped into your birthday breeches too ;)

  3. OMG can't handle the pink whales, but I could rock the tye dyes. I wish I had sized up in a pair of Ashleys I bought because the material feels really durable but I have way too much junk in the trunk for them to fit.

  4. I love the tie die ones. I have a pair of crappy old breech/tights I picked up used for $10 that I've been meaning to tie-die. I should get on that.

  5. Those are all AMAZING. Winning the breeches game hands down.

  6. Someday I want to be confident enough to rock some outrageously colored breeches. You are my inspiration!

  7. I believe you are starting a fashion trend that I may need to be a part of...

  8. Man, I wish I had known about all of those awesome sales!

    I too jumped on the Horseloverz breeches sale, and got a pair of mens size EU 40. I know for a fact that I ordered women's size 36. I didn't even get a men's size 36. Really weird.

  9. I love it! You put all those fancy schmancy snobby english riders to SHAME!! Go girl. Do your thang.

  10. The pink whales are pretty sweet! I wish TuffRider fit me better. I have tried several pairs because they come in cool color and prints but they always just never fit right, so I gave up on them for now :(

  11. The tie dye is out of this world. I looooove them!

  12. So many awesome colours in this post, tiedye & whales ♡♡♡

  13. Those seersucker breeches are SO PRETTY!

  14. I want the pink neon breeches! Love your collection!

  15. Whales and tie dye for the win! Those are amazing…

  16. Oh yes, you definitely need more purple breeches.

  17. Omg the seersucker!!!!! Those are amazing. Major grabby hands.

  18. Lusting after those seersucker, but I know I would look awful in them

  19. Those tie-dye breeches!!! Must go scour the Internet...

  20. WHY DO I NEVER CHECK TOTD ANYMORE oh man those teeny tiny whales.