Archie & Annie's Adventures

Since I believe whole-heartedly that sharing anything on my blog will ruin it, I didn't mention this. Hillary did, though.  :)

On Thursday, I left work early, swung by my house and changed clothes, then met my barn manager out at my barn.  Because we had company coming.

Hillary and I have been blogging besties for a few years now and text, oh, daily.  One night, I invited her to come down and bring a pony.  Adventures.  Adventures forever.  We worked out the logistics and kinks and on Thursday afternoon, I had the intense pleasure of welcoming her, Annie and her pup Sonny to the barn.  Guys, I shit you not, it's like I've known this woman for my entire life.

All the boys, watching her walk.

Archie was immediately smitten.
 We put the wonder ginger out in a pasture, watched her for a little bit, and then went out for a late lunch.  Margaritas and friends and talks about horses and, yeah, it was awesome.  After the lunch, we went back to the barn and saddled up for a short trail ride.  I can't stress enough how amazing her "little" mare is.  Long trailer ride, strange place, giant mutant bugs everywhere, and a gelding who is immediately smitten, and no fucks given.

I took this for my coworker.

An amazing trail dog.

Giving the Archer head scritches.
Ponies were untacked, turned out, and we headed back to my house.  It was time to introduce Sonny to the best bitches, who, honestly, aren't the best.  Savannah is amazing, but Scarlette is what is called "reactive".  Hence the drugs.  I put them on leashes and we walked a little way from my house to let them sniff and snort at Sonny.  When they decided that he was okay, we turned them loose in my back yard, where the best bitches promptly tackled and cornered poor Sonny and then proceeded to follow him in a high-speed circular chase for ten minutes.  The old ladies did their best to keep up with the young whipper-snapper.  Finally, pack mentality was somewhat achieved and we started preparing for dinner.
Even though he might have given her love nibbles on her ears, Savannah was madly in love with Sonny.
D joined us for dinner at a small local restaurant called the Green Pub, known for its beer and burgers and farm-to-table cooking.   It has a jukebox and hipsters and pimento cheese and disgusting homemade ketchup.  But, all-in-all, amazing.  And thus ended day one.

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  1. We meet the coolest people blogging. Glad you guys had fun and can't wait to hear about the rest. There is a certain lake picture that needs a more in-depth explanation.

  2. Sounds like you guys' weekend was off to an amazing start!

  3. So excited to hear about all your adventures!

  4. Yay for awesome blogger adventures-sounds great & dang it, now I really want a margarita!

  5. I've been waiting to hear all about this!!! So fun!

  6. How awesome that Annie got to come along on the adventure!!

  7. Sounds like a wonderful time!

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  9. What a fab blogger meet up!!!