Chips & Salsa

I had my first real jump school on Ox yesterday.  We're turning it into part two of our Sunday traditions.  Trail ride and then I hop on the big orange booty and the trail buddy teaches me how to jump again.  Because, even if we think I might have known at one point, I definitely don't know now.

And we still got over it.
Saintly cow horse.
So here's one of the bigger issues I'm having, ignoring the fact that my eq sucks and I'm doing everything possible to make every fence infinitely harder for the pony:  he chips.  He has been trained to chip.  I know in the ideal situation, it wouldn't be long or short and the horse wouldn't be buried at the base of the fence and then saving both our asses as he gives some monumental effort to fling us over.  It would be the sweet spot and easily within the canter stride and I wouldn't feel like, dear god, we're going to die.

This is another place where I took the Bold Archer for granted.  Because he jumped how I liked and the spot was always the spot I wanted, without even asking.  Let's just remember for a second:

So, yeah, I know it's equestrian growing pains and practice makes perfect.  At least the horse will allow me to do all the steps necessary to get him tacked up without making a fuss.  Treats help.

Trail buddy had set up this course:
The lightest blue fence is a cavaletti set to the medium blue, a cross rail.  Then it was two strides to a 2' vertical and three strides to a 2'6" vertical.  Then two additional 2' verticals set alone.  We started with the cross rail and slowly built up the line.  My first time through was the best and I just got exceedingly worse as we repeated it.  Then we added the other two fences, first around to the diagonal and then to the straight and then reversed.  I was very hot, very tired.  Ox kept squeezing in three strides in the two (HOW?), even when I chased him to the second fence.  Finally, she moved the cross rail out and made it a legitimate three.

Big G's mom was there and offered to me me use her helmet camera, a Go Pro, so in addition to seeing me fumble, you can be with me as I fumble.  Worth it.

The music hides my profanity.

But you can hear my "oh shit" here:

A video posted by bekaburke (@bekaburke) on

Later last night, the trail buddy and the beginner rider and I met up for Mexican with our significant others.  They've met D before, but I had never met their husbands.  Both women are older, but we all have so many commonalities:  horses, cycling (I'm eager to get back into it now!), fitness.  We cracked jokes, we talked medicine, we talked horses, of course, we talked people, we drank, we watched videos and made fun of each other.  It was incredible.  Horse people are my people.  We plan on making this Sunday night dinner a regular occurrence, hopefully with more people next time (we all thought at the same time, who invited Big G's mom??  OH SHIT.).

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  1. I'm just happy that you're jumping again. Chips or no.

  2. What a good boy! That cow saint deserves some cookies. Glad you're back to jumping again.

  3. Maybe the helmet cam smoothes it out, but it seems like his canter is really smooth! Chips or no, he's at least clever with his body over the fence even when he buries himself. You look great considering how little you've jumped for the past several months.

  4. He is such a QT, you guys are going to have so much fun getting to know one another & that Sunday dinner tradition sounds ace!

  5. ha yea my mare has always had a penchant for the chips too and it's definitely not been the easiest (or most fun) to get used to... we practice lots and LOTS of 18' one stride grids and that seems to help.. maybe haha. anyway he look so fun all the same! yay jumping again!

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  7. I have a few things to address both you & Ox--text me when you get a chance! Glad to see you jumping again!!

  8. So glad you are jumping again :) Yay for the cow pony.

  9. Jumping chips suck but atleast chips and salsa are amaze?