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The busy life doesn't seem to be ending any time soon.  And I'm okay with that.  Life is fucking awesome.

The old monster has been a little bit of an asshole lately, primarily when we're alone.  He's been wearing his sassy pants when I've tried to work him in the ring and wearing his spooky brain when I've tried taking him on the trails.  Repetition and work are all he needs, along with some juice for that right front.  Vet is due out in August, so we'll get all the joints addressed and make Mr. Sassy Brain Dead Britches comfortable again.

The Big Orange Booty is actually lame on his front end, particularly the right.  We thought hot nail, embedded clip, abscess, etc.  No digital pulse, no heat, and improvement when the farrier pulled his shoes.  So the idea now is to slather his delicate little feets in the Keratex that Sarah sent me (thank you again!) and keep him barefoot until the sole toughens up a bit.  Or the next farrier visit.  This is an okay time for him to be lame, even if I had to reschedule a jump lesson with The Eventer for later this month.  And that rescheduling allowed me to go on a...

And gone.

Road Trip
I went up and hung out with Hillary at Chatt Hills on Saturday.  If she can drive eight hours with a trailer, I can definitely drive four with some podcasts.  Current recommendations:  The Smartest Man in the World (fucking awesome liberal feminist) and the Savage Love podcast.  It was great to see her, to meet her friends and her new puppy, to hang out in a show environment with absolutely no pressure to show, and to get to take photos.  All the photos.  Even if I lost $20 and was sweating so much that it looked like I peed myself.

She has the best barn dogs.

I wanna show here one day!
Barn Buddies
We had a party at one barn buddy's house yesterday.  She's got a pool overlooking the river.  It was five equestrian women who ride together and our significant others.  Beer, fresh crabs from the river (I set mine free), snacks and pizza.  Conversation and swimming and joking and, of course, talking about horses.  The horses we own, the horses we want, the horses we knew.  I could have stayed there all night.
The view from her dock.

One of the two crabs I set free.
In addition, since Ox is out of jumping commission, the trail buddy loaned me her little palomino quarterhorse to force around a jump course.  I thought about declining the opportunity, but bottom line is that every horse I ride is better preparing me for my next horse.  And every time I can jump, I'm getting better at it.  At least, in theory.

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  1. I'm so glad you came to see me!!!

  2. The little QH is actually pretty cute over the jumps! River, horse friends, and fresh crab sounds like an almost perfect evening.

  3. I really want to like Savage Love, but can't get into it... which is weird because I love him whenever he makes an appearance on another show/podcast.

  4. Sounds like your life is busy in the best possible way!

  5. That dock/pool sounds amazing!

  6. Sounds like absolutely amazing times with everyone

  7. Any day you get to say "life is fucking awesome" = WIN! Sorry about lame orange things (dang, but they're so adorable, even when they limp), but sounds like he'll be back in the game soon, Keratex is The Shit. Way to rock the glamour look on camera & soak in awesome eventer pow-wows (and reminding me how much I miss them!). <3

  8. Dude you have such a fun filled life!!!!
    Great to hear all about it and live vicariously through your awesome adventures ☺☺☺

  9. So busy with so much fun stuff. That little QH is really cute!

  10. What a cute QH! I'm partial, I guess. And I say that same thing about Chatt every time I see pics of it when the rest of my barn goes.

  11. Little pally is cute! You should keep him in the rotation :D

  12. Oh my god I want a house with a pool on the river!

  13. What a fun week! Despite the lameness and sassiness, of course. Sometimes it's just best to ride around on something else and mix it up. Happy Summer!

  14. Sounds like you are up to fun adventures

  15. Sorry to hear about the lameness issues - hopefully he gets better ASAP. Although, sounds like you've had some excellent adventures :)