I didn't expect to like this city.  We've been to a bunch of places that I wasn't overwhelmed by and a few that I've been instantly smitten with (Luxembourg, anyone?).  So, yeah, given the hoards of people, the lack of A/C and the freaking cost, I was sure I wasn't going to want to go back to NYC.

Guys, I totally want to go back.  Maybe not tomorrow, but definitely at least once a year.

For a fucking introvert, I thrived on the crowds.  I mastered jaywalking between waiting cars.  I approached strangers and swayed them with my over-pronounced southern accent and pet strangers' puppies in parks.  I spoke French twice and gave directions.

But, my Yankee friends, there are three non-optional things y'all have gotta work on:  bras, bathing and air conditioning.  Because of the lack of air conditioning, D and I took an obnoxious amount of showers every day.  Leave our magical little hotel room and instant sweat.  Barf.  While I'll agree that it was hot, it was a dryer hot than down here.  I think the perception of humidity is off because as soon as I got off the plane in Savannah, I was embraced in my lovely, missed warm bowl of soup.

Okay, here's the rough run down:

We arrived.  Our hotel was called the Yotel and it was like a tiny Ikea-dreamed dorm room.  It was magical.  It was amazing.  The bed was mechanical.  Things were hidden in the walls.  There was no separation from the bathroom and now I know my husband a little bit better.

Like an immediate about-face from the first photo.

Sliding glass door and a curtain.  We've got a solid marriage, guys.
There was food.  Burgers.  Beers.  Another bar, called the Pony Bar.  Because pony kegs.  A Broadway musical off a book I loved (Wicked).  We wandered Time Square.  I got my nose pierced in a tiny upstairs tattoo parlor.  We ate Italian late at night.  We slept for hours and hours on the softest mattress I've touched in my life.

A video posted by bekaburke (@bekaburke) on

We had the best pancakes at a hole in the wall place.  We walked the high line and Chelsea Market and purchased useless beautiful things.  We toured the Statue of Liberty and Ground Zero and drank lemonade and ate at a restaurant that I saw a video of on Facebook.

A video posted by bekaburke (@bekaburke) on

Running in Central Park was attempted until the hills, the only hills in the fucking city, forced me to give up.  And we watched carriage ponies and sought out a Mexican restaurant. We saw Coldplay in New Jersey, surrounded by our peers-by-age-alone, via subway and train.  We returned from that awesome experience and ordered falafels from a truck outside our hotel at one in the morning.

Try fitting a saddle to that shark fin.
Human on left, chimp on right.
Gotta go, my ride's here.
Right before I accidentally slammed some kid's head into this display.


Fancy Coldplay watches.

Breakfast was had at a little hipster place that served tap water from a glass bottle.  The nutella, peanut butter and banana sandwich was amazing.  Then, I'd scheduled in advance with a tattoo artist whom I loved.  I'll write more about this later.  After the ink, we went to the Haufbrau Haus, dedicated to our love of German food.  Then we picked up real New York style cheesecake and a bottle of wine and retreated to our Ikea dreamworld.

Our last day, we gorged on muffins and rode the subway for the last couple of times to allow me to do some shopping:  Lush and Elf.  I spent a little money and then we checked out of the hotel and headed home!

But where are the ponies, NYPD??

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  1. Dang! you guys totally did it right! I am not a big city person but I like NYC a lot, too. I don't know how the hell I missed the raclette instagram but omg that needs to be in my life ASAP.

  2. Sounds like an awesome trip. You guys really know how to find the best food. I love NYC. I miss living within a quick train ride of it. Wicked is the best Broadway show; I've seen it twice and love it.

  3. Wow, great trip! New York is such a cool city.

  4. What a fantastic trip! I grew up right outside NYC and still lint pretty close! Would be awesome to meet up if you ever come back up north!

  5. I can't wait to go for the first time. Still a little ways off but I can't help but plan already! Looks like you guys had a blast.

  6. My only trip to NYC (so far) also included Wicked which was awesome it my favourite thing was seeing Ellis Island - such an awesome eye opener after having read Brooklyn and imagining what immigrants went through way back when - fascinating.

    PS - please come back to Lux soon & often 😇

  7. I've been to NYC multiple times (I live about 6 hours away). Every time it gives me a headache, unfortunately, but I do enjoy the shopping & the eating. Especially Korea town!

  8. I love this. And lush is amazing. I also love how you talk about food in your trips. Necessary talking point imo

  9. Nice! I'm going to nyc for the first time ever in August, gonna need the name of that pancake place :)

  10. What an awesome trip - NYC is a world unto itself! Kinda curious to hear more about nth the ink and how you accidentally smashed some kids face into the display?!?

  11. Looks fantastic! I have recently been bodily forced away from displays by children at the zoo, so I feel like smashing the odd kid's head into a display just rights the world a bit. And I LOVED your piercing video.

  12. What a dreamy vacay! NYC is like no other place in the world, is it not?

    I'm seeing Coldplay for the THIRD time in August in OKC. They are fantastic live!!

  13. You guys know how to work a visit!

  14. I've never spent much time in NYC, just once before my brother moved there 3 years ago. But now that he's there, I really LOVE visiting. I've made it up once in each of the past couple years and I really want to keep getting up there at least that much. I love Astoria where he lives. Basically the best. And there's even a bar within walking distance of his apartment that is AFFORDABLE and gives you every 3rd beer on the house to boot! It's called the Irish Rover for when you go back!