I had an opportunity to go on a trail ride with the trail buddy and her friend to the Hunt Club again.  This would be the same ladies that Hillary and I rode with when she visited.

Not this type of hunt club.

This type.
Trail buddy asked me to take Ox and I had no problem with it, given that we have plans for him and need to get his fitness up.  I knew they would be keen to set a decent pace and I'm not sure that would be fair to Archie, who isn't ridden as much or as hard as Ox these days.  But I have also made it known that I'd love to get Archie out on those straight, sandy trails, just, you know, slower.

It was a new experience for me to be in the very back of the pack, on the slowest horse.  Beefcake initially didn't want to canter and was fine with an extended trot.  He has a definite motor but has to be encouraged to use it and did require a few walking breaks.  I can't tell you the last time that I rode that fast for that long (..maybe it was this?) and it was definitely a stupid idea to work legs afterwards at the gym.

There was one point where we were behind a bit and then trail buddy asked her friend, in the lead on a gaited horse, to kick it up a notch.  I got into a gallop position and asked Ox to give me more.

And this is where being on a Thoroughbred has ruined me.  There is always another gear and more gas in the tank.  Asking a TB to gallop is inviting a rocket to launch between your legs.

Because.. Ox said,"Really?  More?  Are you sure?  Well.. how's this?  You want more than this?  Lady, this is a nice, field-safe fast lope.  You don't want more than this."  And I assured him that I did and he gave me a little more oompf and we finally caught up with everyone else.. as they were transitioning back to a walk.  :|

According to Endomodo, which I use to track my rides on Ox, we completed 6.87 miles in 1:25:44.  Our average speed was 4.8 mph (compared to Archie's ~3 mph walk) with a max speed of 16.2 mph.  So, I'm not really exaggerating the Big Orange Booty's slow galloping pace, haha.

Evil eye for the gaited mare.

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  1. That looks like fun! I wish we had sandy roads/trails like that, as opposed to steep hills and rocks that are treacherous on their own, but especially so with a green-to-trails horse.

  2. I think Beefcake is just my type :)

  3. What a fab way to get more miles into the beefcake 😇

  4. Aw, Ox sounds like such a good boy, even if he can't keep up with the rest of the group. :P

  5. So much fun! Wish I could have joined!

  6. Sounds like an awesome ride tho! I love just going and going out on the trails - but of course I have also been spoiled by a horse that actually goes lol

  7. Always a fun day on the trails :) really happy you're getting to enjoy Ox as well!